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Sunday, 20 February 2011

2 posts on a Sun?

Ooo I've gone all 1970s surprise then...and its toy related...

THE REAL BAGPUSS in the Rupert Bear Museum UK

I have ALWAYS loved Bagpuss, maybe thats why I love cats and old things so much. Just before christmas when it was really REALLY cold, Mr M bought me a (now forgive me this sounds slightly rude :0) a Bagpuss warmer...(Titter titter)

Anyway...its basically a slightly smaller than the real thing Bagpuss plush with lavender weighted beans inside that you microwave instead of a hotwater bottle.  Now of all the Bagpuss toys and bits and bobs you can get, this one looked the best, as I think most mass produced toys look well rather naff.

But I never really fell in love with him...even Silkie sniffed him and turned her nose up..hes just been sat under my dressing table out of view....

THEN  I had a brain wave...hes just needs a bit of well tinkering with...his fur needs roughing up and he needs glass eyes and a glass nose, and whiskers...!

So I have done a bit of shopping on the tinternet...and thanks to one of my favourite bearmaking supplies I have ordered a few things to make Bagpuss - look more like the real bagpuss...!!

So I will keep you posted..hope it works..

Nighty night bloggers!

Love Sam xx


Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh bagpuss, I used to love him so much. Have you seen those cute little mice from Bagpuss that sing when you press their tummy, rather cute.

Funnily enough I am knitting (my first ever project as I have just learnt) a scarf for my little one and Mr Sweetpea pointed out that it looked like bagpuss due to the colours!

suzyspellbound said...

I love Bagpuss...I have many a soft toy version including a full scale 'life size' one that is as good as the real thing...another fave is my little car air freshener one that has been stuck to my dash for a least oooo 5 years maybe more...he stopped smelling good a long time ago but I will never remove him from my dash (also have the DVD complete series and mouse that sings! which is irritating)

Felted House said...

I used to have a Bagpuss nightdress case when I was little, I loved it and slept with it in the bed to cuddle, but it was very bright pink and never looked like the real thing - hope you manage to get a good result with your tinkering around! xx

sharie said...

Lovely Bagpuss. I bought a toy one last year that really yawns . Him and the Clangers were my favourites.

JoJo said...

Wow I've never heard of bagpuss before!

val said...

There's a Rupert Bear museum? I had no idea!

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