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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vintage cook books...

Hey Dear Bloggy Chums..

Hows you today?
Well I'm back in the swing of work - and I have to confess I'm missing the warm fuzzy feeing of the christmas period....even though this year I was getting rather anxious about the pressure of it all..

During the break although I was working from home on my freelance work, I really enjoyed myself - especially due to all the old Christmas Telly I found to watch and a bit of the new too! You see in my little home office  - I have a spare old monitor of Mr M's so I can have TV on as I work - even if I'm just listening I enjoy it. Plus Silkie has now decided that she likes to sit on my lap too...Oh how I miss my dear Cat on a normal work day when I have to go into work!

While I was at home I enjoyed watching Sue and Giles Christmas Special - Living the Good Life..

Clip Here

Sue is a Comedian/Writer Telly person and lovely Giles is a food Critic...(Slight crush alert!)
Hes posh and funny fatal combo as far as I'm concerned...any hoo..I digress,

This programme reminded me that I love all things 1970s...and I really love nostalgic cook books from the 70s too, even though I don't really cook!

Now you'll never see me here on blog land sharing cooking tips like dear Fanny Craddock above...there are plenty of Oooober bloggers that do that...

But you will find my witterings, pictures and general woffle leaking out of my head - with a dash of crafting and nostalgia....
I have recently purchased the above cook book, which is witty and retro, written by Len who invented the Harry Palmer character, portrayed by Michael Cain...(I must point out that Len was also a bit of a graphic designer and illustrated his cooking tips for a UK Newspaper)

Now although its written for a 1960's bachelor...I thought it was brilliant - especially the section about having a party and organising a mini bar......

I will have out of Mad Men - just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtons Bar in their house..

What parties must have gone on here?

I also discovered my forgotten love of ...

Morcambe and Wise, a beloved comedy team from the UK, most famous in the 1960's and 1970's..

To be honest, their humour passed me by as I was a little young at the time - but watching them now, as a 30 something - I just love em!

Anyway - I will leave you with a little sketch - there will be some more toy making too - as I have just been commissioned to make a Stanley Dog...

Night night!

Sam xx


JoJo said...

I love the 70's too. BTW, if you really want a nostalgic and hilarious take on the 70's era, rent or buy "Spirit of 76". It has a cast of thousands and spoofs everything 70's from the gas crisis to the music, clothes, etc. David Cassidy stars along w/ Olivia D'Abo and tons of others.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I love Sue and Giles, they are sooo funny, I missed that show so will have to watch that later :-)

Lyn said...

Sam did you watch the programme based on Morecombe and Wise when they were lads? it was excellent and very funny, Victoria wood played Earnies mum and I think she produced it too.
The trouble with trying to work with a cat on your knee is they don't like to be moved so you end up not getting up to get that vital piece of paper from the other side of the room and then you can't work so you stroke the cat and look out of the window instead!

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