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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Diaries and Stanleys and Cliff...

PSHey Bloggers

Hows you this fine Saturday - well I'm pottering about today..Mr M is flying home from seeing is family..and between you and me and blogland - I am still in my PJ's..:0)

Well I've nothing pressing work wise to do at the moment, but I am starting to make a Stanley for a lady called Olga...

Heres Stanleys bits...

I might start sewing him up this afternoon...

I'm also still fiddling about with my other I'm pulling all my old ones apart, and filing away old notes and things I have collected over the years.

One blogger asked me why I love filofaxes so much.

Well I have always been into - organising - even when I was small. I love having everything in its place, whether its my artwork, or cupboards, well anything really.

So for me filofaxes are a portable filing system - plus you can customise them, cover old ones, use them as scrapbooks..and the more used they get the more I love them!

You see I always have lists too...films I want to watch/buy (I love old movies) things on ebay to look the moment I want a vintage saddle bag, and some old pretty pyrex bowls for my nice new fridge.

And theres music to get  - I have a massive range of music I like - some I won't admit too! (Guilty pleasures...Cliff Richard 1970s...ooopps it slipped out!)

Plus theres my boring work schedule too - could be without my diary for that!

I have also got a lovely Emma Bridgewater calendar, which is brilliant too - just in eye sight at my desk..

Well  - I'm off for more pottering!
Have a great Saturday!

Love Sam xx

PS...I must point out that its a very narrow point of Cliff Richards career that I like - Devil Woman...wired for sound...and ooo duets with Olivia Newton John!!



Lyn said...

can't say I like Cliff myself but have been known to sing along to Barry Manilow!
I too love diaries but although spent January putting all the birthdays in I forget to look at it and miss them all!

Serenata said...

I've just bought new inserts for my filofax as well. Haven't used it for a couple of years, but it is a lovely small one which zips up, so thought I ought to start using it again as it is versatile.


I love filofaxes! Can never get enough of them. I list all the books I want to borrow from the library and put a check mark on those I finished with. And yes, movies too! They're great outlets of poetic thoughts as well.

JoJo said...

My faves were "we don't talk anymore" and "carrie", as well as "devil woman". I love to make lists too. I was grinning while reading your post b/c I have always had a small spiral notebook in my purse with lists galore. I was so hyper organized when I was a teenager that I couldn't shut off my bedroom light until I scanned my room to make sure everything was in it's place.

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