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Monday, 31 January 2011

Introducing Stanley...

Why hello there little Pup!...where did you come from...?

How do you do, its a pleasure to meet you too!..

Now theres no need to be sad..I'm sure you won't be alone for long :0(

But you are quite happy and warm...and like to snuggle up on a big bed..

Well young Stanley you just stay there...for now!!

Stanley is made from 100% mohair, fully jointed with cotterpins..stuffed with Kapok and a few little glass beads for a nice texture..made from my own pattern, (He is a relative of Hamish..another toy I have made) He is a lovely warm auburn colour...which I think suits him very much. (A little bit different from Stanley no.1)

Stanley is hopefully moving to Russia, he would like me to tell you that he is really looking forward to living abroad! But for now he is happy to stay snoozing on my bed!

I will be back again shortly - just a mad busy work week last week dear bloggers!!

Be back soon!

Love Sam xx


Lyn said...

Oh Stanley is gorgeous (and I spy a photo of Silkie Sue on the bedside table!)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Oh Stanely, you do look a sweetheart. Enjoy your trip :-)

soggibottom said...

A lovely little Stanley too. Hope he has a passport :-) x x x

JoJo said...

Stanley is adorable! I'm sure he'll find a home very quickly!!

littleteddy said...

Ah !!... Sam! What an amazing Stanley! I love him! Thank you sooo much! I will wait with impatience of his arrival to me. :)

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