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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I've snuck on..

the ooober computer..Mr M is in woo hoo, I can blog!

The toys have been on a proper photoshoot...thankyou Mike and Little William has reached his new home in Italy...thankyou Victoria...I was worried about the volcanic cloud!!

There are lots and lots of things I want to do..lists to make and I just can't wait for my new laptop! I want to list my toys on etsy or somewhere....not sure where yet. And ooo shall I treat myself to a new/old sewing machine....?? If anyone can recommend a good one that would be great!

Its just can't stand anything 'newly' designed if you know what I mean, as I am completely obsessed with anything old fashioned..

I'm just not a modern gal!!

anyway...hopefully I will be back soon...on my own computer !!

Nighty night from me and Teacup!!


pussman said...

Oh, I sold a bear to victoria to!
How are things going with the bearshop?
Very quied here.
I dislike all new things to, but in the case of a sewing machine, I would definitly buy a new one!
I had a lovely green old machine, it looked beatiful, but sewing something on that thing could give you a heart attack.
I have a Bernina now and it is heaven on earth.
It sews anything and the stitches are always as they should be!
You also have to look for a heavy machine, so when you sew real fast, youre machine stays in place, when you buy a lightweight your machine might dance of the table.

Well I hope this is of any help,
I find my machine an ugly thing and I am thinking of making a fancy bag to put round it.
Bye and take care!!

Lilly Higgins said...

What a gorgeous Panda! Beautiful Pink scarf and all, she's lovely!
I have the Singer 2250 Tradition and I love it. Really simple and traditional with no unnecessary stuff. It does look very modern though! It was super cheap too, I think only about €200.

JoJo said...

My mom has an old Singer sewing machine that she probably got in the 1950's. Thing weighs a ton; I'm guessing it's made of steel. My hubby got me a Pfaff a couple of Christmases ago, but I've never used a sewing machine and have NO idea how to start. My coworker does lots of sewing and she says that, for a modern machine, Pfaff is a really good one b/c it's not all plastic.

I am still trying to get my Etsy store opened as well. I think you'd have great luck selling there! As soon as I have some disposable income, I'll be buying from you. The hard part is deciding which adorable critter to pick!

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