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Monday, 5 April 2010

Its too early for Halloween ?....

well things are a little spooky here...

There are heads floating about with no bodies.. (ooops note to self...maybe make sure you have enough mohair before you start sewing again:0)...sorry there Miss Kitton (...maybe a little feline friend for Silkiesue?)

I have also discovered that thanks to you tube, I can watch vintage particular favs at the mo are hammer horror..

Bank holidays just seem to fly by...oh to work from home..if only...

and I have now made a massive mess in my living room...I really have to sort my sewing boxes out!!

Oh to be a pussy cat....lolling about, staring out the window..

Now I really have to tidy up......I hate that bit !

Love Sam xx


JoJo said...

Miss Kitton is so cute! I am a lifelong lover of stuffed animals and I want to give yours a cuddle! Hope you enjoyed your day off. We dont' get "Easter Monday" off in the States.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Miss Kitton is very sweet Sam. I have just started working from home and yes, it is the best. Of course, it can be a bit lonely. That goodness for blog friends.

pussman said...

I have been in this situation me to!
Terrible! And then I forgot where I bought the mohair!!
But te head is already lovely!
I was in the middle of making a bear and I began to stuff and then I realized that all my little discs (for the joints) where used up and now I kind have lost interest and am completely into gardening.

Just a garden interludium I guess>

I love the old horror movies to!

You can watch them while you make a bear perhaps??
Bye and take care!!

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