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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hi Bloggers!

Hi Bloggers!!

I'm back, properly this time...

I have an Oooober Laptop!! (Thankyou dear Husband!)

Yes I am going to embrace the digital world, learn photoshop and stop being such a bumpkin!!

Thankyou for all of your messages regarding Little Ted...he is rather excited and hopes you don't mind if I let you know his new home on I am nipping home on Sunday to see Ma and Pa as a surprise for the day this weekend ..

Now I have been busy sewing too, and I thought I would leave you with a little picture...of 'LITTLE SUE' she is nearly finished and is looking for a new home too...inspired by my cat Miss Silkie Sue :0) She will be on sale for £35 as soon as I have finished her and she will also come with a hand painted little picture tag..
( I will show you a photo of her here and on my toy blog too, hopefully over the weekend :0)

I think my husbands love of Starwars is having an effect on me...all my toys lately look like they are part Ewok!! (Sorry Silkie you don't look anything like an Ewok :0)

Mr M also bought this lovely book home for me from the Oxfam Book shop...its really old from the 1940s...called the little man in the land of the little made me chuckle as Rob and I are the same height...and I joke from time to time that Rob is shorter than me...hes actually about 2 inches taller...just....

he knows me too well...I just love anything worn and tattered!

I'll be back soon!

Love Sam x

Ps...Just so you know, Rob and I are about 5 foot 8 ish....we are not tini tiny!


winnibriggs said...

Little Sue looks very cite...not a bit like Ewok!
Love the book I too am into these old things, in fact a lot of old things really which is just as well for me and DH!

Victoria said...

oh Sam, what a little cutie! Hoping to get even a better look at her soon! :) Victoria
p.s. congrats on your new laptop!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Congrats on the laptop and little sue is lovely... I have just donated a load of books to the church stall, but they were not as lovely as that one! I love old and individual items... have a lovely weekend

x Alex

Heather said...

Little Ted is adorable, I'd love to be entered... I've blogged about him and put him in my sidebar too :)

I found you through desertmountainbear and am now a follower... you make such cute stuff!

bobbybegood1 said...

Little Sue is sweet and gorgeous. I can tell I am really going to enjoy seeing, and perhaps buying, your attractive lovelies and blogging with you Sam. Cheers!!

JoJo said...

AW LITTLE SUE IS ADORABLE!!!!!! *kisses, cuddles*

Have a great weekend Sam!

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