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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Coraline...and handbags..

Started watching Coraline recently...have you seen it? I love it..the sets, design everything..and seeing as I'm in an especially Halloweeny mood just now..its perfect!! Coraline has a little doll delivered to her, from 'her other mother'
Wonder what I'm making?
Also...check out this bag I purchased off ebay..

£12 uk pounds!!
Looks a lot like a famous brand...??
I was well chuffed...still lusting after the mummy brick bag!
Bye for now bloggers!
Sam x


Homebird said...

Coraline is great! I love all Halloween-y films, I am Halloween nut!

JoJo said...

Great new bag Sam!

Ali said...

AAh stop posting links about bags lol - you are terrible - I am still on the waiting list for Pippas bag but now I might need this one and the mummy one!!! ;-)

smilernpb said...

The little ones' love Coraline. They thought it was really good. And yes, I know what you mean - all halloween-y. x

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