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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quint and Mr Hooper

Howdy Bloggers!

Sorry I just haven't been able to blog much at all this week...its been very work all day and into the evenings too...very tired eyes!!

Just had to show you some pix of my friends Kittons..Quint and Mr Hooper..

They are apparently excellent Shark catchers..

They can find a shark for £3, but can catch and kill one for £10...

Now I think thats a bargin..

I don't think Sharks frequent canals though do you bloggers?

Nighty night...

Love Sam xx


Bagladee said...

Adorable!!! Double trouble I bet :)
Em x

Romeo said...

Ah, but purrhaps there are sharks in other places, cleverly disguised as....a pair of shoes, or maybe under the bed never know where sharks may be lurking you know ;)



Pink Feather Paradise said...

oohhh I love grey cats/kittens... and sharks hunting is tricky work... takes real talent and hours or practice to hone those skills!
my tabby sticks to mice and shrews... 3 a day (or should I say night!) at the moment... I find the offerings dotted around the yard for my perusal... ;D

I've had a quick scan back through your posts to see if there was a Hamish update... any news? xx

JoJo said...

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat...." lol Such cute kittehs!

mrspao said...

Squeeeee! Kittens!

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