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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ghost Hunting in Devizes!

Hey Bloggers..

Here in Crop Circle capital, things are feeling a little ...dare I say it favourite time of the year...not just because Halloween is creeping closer! (A little illustration of mine above...based on me and Silkie!)

I had a cool night on Saturday..we went to the local cinema..which is an old fashioned cinema, with peeling paint and old art deco watch Harry Potter..( Still have massive crush on Gary Oldman)

We then went to a pub just about next door..called the Black Swan, which has been featured on lots of ghost hunting you can imagine I was a tiny bit excited!

We got chatting to a very nice lady called Fran, working behind the bar, who very kindly offered to take us to the cellar, which is where lots of things have supposed to happened.

(The above image is care of google image search as I didn't have my camera) We actually went down stairs on a new staircase behind the door you can just about make out to the left)..It was massive, kind of like vaulted caves..apparently there are tunnels all linking to the castle in the town centre..

This is another pic of the of google..

I loved it in there immediately, so I'm looking forward to going back again, with my digi camera to see if I can get any ghost photos... apparently in the autumn, you can stay in the really haunted bedroom...Room 4 and have a 3 course meal for quite a good price... if you are brave enough!!

Mmmm I'm tempted....!!

Looking forward to visiting The Black Swan again!

Nighty night bloggers..sweet dreams!!

Love Sam..and a slightly huffy Miss Sue, who just nearly had a scrap with another cat much bigger..she just doesn't like to share!


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JoJo said...

How FUN!!!!! I would love to visit these places with you! Though I'm not sure I'd want to stay over in a haunted bedroom, that would scare me too much! Oh, and I agree w/ you on Gary Oldman. He's a cutie!

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