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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Film Icons

Today, I actually forgot that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away...I actually thought, oh I'll just google her to see how she was.. ..
I love the old movies stars, at least they are forever young and beautiful on the silver screen..
And don't get me going on Montgomery Clift...if like me you love old movies I absolutely urge you to seek out any film this man is in...I wouldn't use the word beautiful to describe a man normally...but he was ...
I read that Liz was in love with him, infact alot of his leading ladies fell under his spell....just watch him in something as you will see what I mean ..
I can feel a few more vintage celebrity portraits coming on !
Happy Wednesday dear Bloggers!
Love Sam xx


JoJo said...

I am partial to James Dean myself. Pity he only made 3 films before his life was cut short.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Im more of a Cary Grant or Dean Martin oh and the dancing films... Fred Astair and Gene Kelly... who was that swashbuckling guy who did all the robin hood films in tights? ... Oh I forget.. lol

fabulous painting of Liz though... you should definitely do some more... xx

Lyn said...

I had an ex that everyone said looked like Montgomery!
now theres a funny fact!!

terriknits said...

that's a wonderful photo of Liz and Monty - a real symbol of their friendship.

I love the classics!

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