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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thrift Shopping Joy..

Hey Bloggers...long time no speak?

Well I'm still in limbo at the moment, still waiting to hear from the lawyers about the move date, I think we are in the final stages, so hopefully next week we will have a better idea of when we need to pack up.

Well, I can't really show you any photos of much at the mo (So I have included some little doodles, hope thats ok!)

The house is looking 'lived in', I can't really be bothered to plump cushions any more as we could be out of here in 2 to 3 I'm making the most of lounging about!

Since I last popped by my little spot of blogland I have rediscovered something, that I have not really enjoyed for over a year, and thats visiting the local charity (or thrift shops). Up until recently, my local shops, have been well, a little lacking...then I came across some new secondhand shops to stop by on my lunch break...

And I have really picked up some bargins!

As a 30 something, I have in recent years, really lost interest in fashion.  I think, for me anyway since turning 30 some 7 years ago, I have really struggled with what to wear, and have been completely uninspired.  

That was until 'Middleton Fever' happened, and 2 very elegant, stylish ladies really came on the scene.
Although they are ..ahem a little younger than me, I have to confess that I love all the beautiful clothes that Kate and Pippa Middleton wear, and the majority are from the high street...

So what started as a 'Bag Crush'

Yummy Bristol Modalu Bag!

has turned into something else, and boy have I purchased some bargins this week...I think my favourite was a practically new Zara Grey Cashmere jumper for the grand total of £3.00, from one especially good charity shop in Bath.

So any way dear Bloggers, hope you are happy and well, where ever you are in the blogosphere...

I will be back soon with some more bloggy waffle!

Heres to bargin hunting!!

Love Sam xx


Diary of a Tinyholder said...

How exciting! what's the place like that you are moving to?

JoJo said...

Thrift shops are so much fun!

Clare said...


Son of Quint said...

The picturesque town of Devizes has 6 charity/secondhand shops in the centre alone. All within walking distance from Old Man Carters' coffee and biscuit emporium :)

Jessie said...

I love your little drawings that go with ths post :) I found the same thing when I was in my thirties...felt too old to dress like a teenager but not yet ready for Frumptown. It's great to find a new inspiration!Btw...older than that now and definitely NOT going to frumptown!xx

Lyn said...

I NEVER find anything in charity shops but a friend of mine finds the most wonderful stuff!!
Good luck with the move, How is Silkie Sue?

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