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Sunday, 19 June 2011

and we are off....

Hey Bloggers...

Just a quick message to say I won't be blogging for a bit, as we are moving house this week - its chaos here, boxes mess everywhere, and no internet for a bit.

Its funny - I didn't think I would get upset, but I did get a bit tearful today. We have lived in our current house for 10 years, and although I was never really in love with it, I suddenly remembered all the things that happened here, and I can't take them with me.

But I won't miss the memory of sitting in my living room some years ago balling my eyes out, at the thought of going to my HR job locally (seriously one of the worst jobs I have ever had) because a couple of the senior members of staff were absolute witches!

But I will miss silly things really, like my Dad tiling my bathroom. Every time I go in there I think, yep Dad did a good job of that.

The new house, is all made, nothing needs doing at all, I think it might feel like a holiday home to start with.

We have really good friends locally too, just up the road, so I'm sure there will be new lovely memories to make. Plus I hope Miss Sue gets on with the local felines, we had one beautiful cat, chat to us and follow us into the garden today.

I think I'm too sentimental for my own good..

Hope you are all well and happy :0)

Be back soon

Sam and Silkiesue


Ali said...

Hope the moves goes well xx

Lyn said...

Hope your move goes well and I am sure you will have lots of happy memories to take with you. I am sure Sue will be a bit mifed for a while but she's so cute, evryone will love her!

Son of Quint said...

You're not overly sentimental, you just don't take things for granted. If moving house didn't seem like a huge scary prospect then there'd no point in doing it. Home is where the heart is xx

Purrfect Haven said...

good luck! tell us all about it when you get settled. Helen

JoJo said...

I cried like a baby when I left my house of 12 years on June 23, when I moved into the hotel prior to my departure for the east coast. I did love that house but I was mostly weeping over leaving my beloved German shepherd behind. I love that dog so much and it ripped my heart out to leave him. At least I was able to take my mix breed, Pepper.

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