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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Middleton Fever!...

Hey Bloggers!
Hows u this week? I'm still in limbo - we should hear today if we are moving next Friday..Its weird really, Mr M has taken on most of the burden of organizing things, that on top of his work it has been rather stressful (Weird how people don't reply to emails and phone messages) - but he has handled everything amazingly..well done husband if you read this (Between me and you, I don't think he stops by here that much!) So for me I'm still in a bit of denial that its going to keep my mind off things, I have been looking out for the latest outfits the 'Middleton' sisters have been wearing...can't wait to see Kate and Wills photographs from their tour abroad, I think it happens in July sometime.. Just love it that they wear clothes from the high street!...Wonder if they will go to Wimbledon next week too?
I'll be back soon!!



Ali said...

Oh why did you have to post a link to Pippas bag - I saw it in the paper and thought I NEED that, but buried my head in the sand and thought I wont google it but ther it is staring me in the face!! Now I REALLY NEED it!!! lol xx

JoJo said...

Moving is such a pain! I'm doing it myself next week. Hopefully my stuff will arrive 3000 miles away in my new home w/o incident.

Son of Quint said...

This time next week you'll have your feet up with Mrs C sipping a martini while Mr M and I discuss manly things and smoke cigars in the billiard room :)

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