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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hey Bloggers..

Phew wot a week!

Busy day today too....BLOGGY WARNING..this is V BORING.

Yes today we had new radiators fitted...I can hear you all gasping...

But seriously, I have only just finished cleaning!

But today I discovered whilst surfing the net, is that You Tube has LOADS of free films on line to watch...

I have mainly been loving the Scream movies ....

Ooo I do love a bit of tongue in cheek horror!

Happy Saturday!

Love Sam xx
PS Oh and sorry for just posting my artwork up, you really didn't want to see my house today!!

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JoJo said...

The entire film is available on You Tube? Wow, I had no idea! I haven't really ventured far into You Tube because it's so overwhelming. And most of the time the stuff I'm looking for is either too obscure or nonexistent. lol Hope you had a great weekend! New radiators are a good thing to have before the winter.

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