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Friday, 29 October 2010


My dear Miss Sue on the Wardrobe

ooo Back again dear Bloggers...seriously I am having trouble blogging on a more than weekly basis at the mo. This is my normal day...

Alarm 6.30am
Out of the door 8am
Lunch 1pm (Always busy then..)
Food shopping 5-5.30pm..(I buy food each day)
Home 6.30pm (Fuss Miss Sue first!)
Laptop on..
Work til 8pm
(Try to stuff something to eat in my mouth then and have a quick clean about the house...)
Bit more work, then a bath..

Then a glass of LARGE white wine.

So you can see thats my working week lately, not including weekends..

I hate mess!

I have piles of paper and drawings about (Which I have just tidied up....yay have a day off ...well for a few hours any way!)

Favourite Halloween Film Bell Book and Candle
But it is my favourite time of year...and those Halloweeny films have to come out don't they?

So I will leave you with a Halloween Illustration of mine...

Happy Halloween!

Love Sam xx

PS...Jo Jo...thankyou for your card too! xxx sorry I didn't email you xx


Bagladee said...

Great ilustration Sam, I'm just off to carve my pumpkin ready for the weekend. I love Halloween too :D x

JoJo said...

You do have a busy day! I'm up at 6 and home by 4:30 and my brain shuts off for the evening. I couldn't even think of working more till 8 then cleaning.

You're welcome for the card! :D

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