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Sunday, 3 October 2010

The best holiday!!

I love Devon...its a fact, shame I didn't feel the same way when I grew up there.. Me and the husband had the best was one of my favourite holidays...ever!

Little Boat £3.00

In Bideford there are lovely shops now, and thankfully its not over run with wealthy 2nd home owners..just normal every day folk...

Mr M and I went on a mega 'stuff for the house' shopping trip..we bought vintage books and bits and bobs for as little as 50p!

Bideford is famous for its Witches too! We fell in love with this rather creepy Hare, with horns for legs (Plastic I may add!) Any one who knows me well, knows I love a bit of the creepy and strange! We have called him Bathazar!

This is a famous bit of coastline called Hartland Point, where ships were tricked into the rocks, so their cargo could be stolen.

The countryside is very much like Lord of the Rings..

And just 15 minutes from my parents house on foot you can explore your own shipwrecks!

I have a sort of weird phobia, about going up steep hills, especially in a car, infact I hate heights and freeze...but I was brave and went in this water car on the cliff in Lynmouth.

We met lovely pussycats every day too...this chap just sat on our laps like we knew him when we visited Clovelly.

Another steep hill...back in the day, I would sneek off college to go to Clovelly..

This bit here on the cliff walk, looks just like Lord of the out for the ring wraiths!

Oh and finally a bit random, but my latest massive bargain from ebay...

£10.00 chiming wall clock
Oooo I love old stuff!

Happy blogging and see you soon!

Love Sam x


Lyn said...

Welcome Home, bet Sue was glad to see you and I hope she didn't mind you cuddling other cats while you were away!
It looks like a lovely break so glad you had fun.

ag said...

oh Sam! how fanatastic holiday you had! I'am so pleased.lovely things for the house, a creepy bunny is my favorite love xxx

JoJo said...

How beautiful!!! What a wonderful place to grow up! You made some good finds too! Love the shipwreck. Is there any history about it?

Scented Sweetpeas said...

My goodness that place looks gorgeous, must add it to my must visit list :-) Love the boat and ebay bargain.

soggibottom said...

So Silkie Sue, what are you doing with my cat and my clock :-)
Lovely to see your photo's and I never grew up here.... but hey amazing place.
You need to travel further south though :-) x x x

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time. I haven't been to that part of Devon for years even though I live there!! :) x

Highland Monkey's said...

What a lovely place to visit my kind of holiday.

val said...

I once stood in the very cell in Lancaster Castle where the Lancashire witches were held. It was pitch black when they closed the door. Scary.

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