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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hey Bloggers..

I'm currently sat at my desk, eating a bowl of stew, at 8.20pm, working away, whilst occasionally stopping to pet Miss Sue, and do odd bits of house work!

Before I forget, I must mention that I received the most beautiful bloggy swap gift...which I haven't been able to mention yet as I am also making something of the furry nature in return..
so keep your eyes peeled toward the end of the week and all will be revealed...

And I may be doing a little giveaway too, to say thanks for stopping by my little bit of blogland too..

I've got to crack on with more rest for the wicked!

Nighty Night



JoJo said...

Where do you find the energy to be multitasking at 8:30 pm, including cleaning? You amaze me Sam!

Romeo said...

My question: do you include sleep in your day?!? Just wondering because it sure doesn't sound like it. You must be like "her" - too much to do to have to sleep ;)

I hope you are having a grand week!


Romeo and "her"

Josie-Mary said...

House work at 8.30??? My goodness...why?? I'm too lazy for that :)

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