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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Morning Bloggers!

Up at 6am today - working! Yes I have freelance work to do as well as working full rest for the wicked!

Well I had a lovely time in my home town of Bideford in North Devon... with Ma and Pa..(Just love it here)

There were kittons...(The next doors I wanted to steal her!)

Lovely walks - this is 10 seconds from my parents house...can you believe as a teen I hated living here?

A mini raleigh...5 seconds in the park from their house..

The Hamish's are finished...woopppeeeee...and a new Stanley is being worked on!

and Autumn has begun!!!!!!
spooky Halloween film anyone? - - - -Yes please!!

Happy Thursday!

Love Sam xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

oh yes ... come on Autumn!

Bideford.... I am not sure if I have been to Bideford... it looks beautiful and you never tend to appreciate where you grew up... and as of yet I still cannot find much in Yeovil to appreciate... lol

and I am sure Silkie would like a playmate! not... lol I think she's queen of your home and cheeky little upstart of the ginger variety might not go down well! ;D

x Alex

Lyn said...

ooooo that kitten is so cute, bet Sue wouldn't appreciate you yaking her home though!

JoJo said...

We never appreciate where we grow up till we are adults! I could kick myself for not seeing more of New England when I lived there. Oh well.

Bideford looks lovely! There's a town in Maine called Biddeford. Seems they added a second D.

Jessie said...

Yes I do believe you may have hated it there! Not because it looks horrible - far from it! My 13 year old daughter continually says she's bored when we're in Devon. It's ok though, because I know she'll love it again in a few years! :o) xx

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