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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Do cats and dogs get on?

I think so Dear Bloggers!...I must explain that I have been an admirer of Danielle's Mohair Toys for ages (this is the link!)...Pussman & Co and I have wanted a Teddy Cat for such a long time!
Danielle very kindly offered to swap with me...and look what arrived last week!...

Isn't she a darling!...I wanted a toy inspired by my Silkiesue...yes mad I know, but I love my cat, and I wanted something to always remind me of her (Don't worry she is very much in the land of the living!!)... (Don't you think she looks like she has stepped out of a childrens book illustration?)

.. and so I have been busy making something to swap back with...

I'm a little nervous, and Danielle's sewing is I hope she likes this little chap!

As you can see Stanley is rather taken by Miss Silkie above!...She also arrived in the most beautiful cloth bag, and Danielle also included a lovely card..

So here he is...Stanley is made from Mohair, he is stuffed with Kapok and had little glass beads in his tum, and is 5 way jointed!...He is a little different from the original, I had hoped to dye his ears a little darker...but I don't think my dye was strong enough :0(

He will be sent off to Danielle this weekend...hope you like himxxx

Happy Wednesday xx

Love Sam xx

Ps so if you like me love vintage toys...then pay Danielle's shop a won't be disappointed xx


JoJo said...

How CUTE!!!!!!! Teddy Cat is just adorable! As is Stanley and I'm sure she will LOVE him! You named the Teddy Cat Miss Silkie?

Our doggies have a stuffed toy that I can't tell if it's a bear or a cat, so I call it 'Kitty Bear'.

pussman said...

Ooooh, my Stanley!
Cutie boy!!
Fly to me and you will meet some other kitties here!!
I love love love him.
He has such a sweet little mouth!
Looks like he is a bit of a seducer, isn't he? I hope Milan won't be jealous.
I will treasure him always Sam!!
Thanks so much!
And what a lovely post:)
I am honoured.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh my goodness, those two are just gorgeous! My cat loves my dogs so they do get one don't worry :-)

Felted House said...

What a shame they have to part! But I'm sure Stanley will be every bit as happy in his new home as Miss Silkie is in hers - she's so beautiful, what a lovely swap. xx

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