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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Silkie and The Hamish Twins

Hey Bloggers..
Here in the uk, its getting really rather Autumally...(Is that a word?) It was rainy and blustery today...and I loved it! Those Halloween movies will be coming out again real soon!!and I've been busy sewing 2 Hamish's at the same time

um Hamish and Hamish, please don't use Miss Sue as a cushion...

You wouldn't want to be dragged on the top of the wardrobe now...would you?

Happy Saturdayxx

S xx


Felted House said...

I loved the autumny feel to the weather today too - I love the autumn colours and the feelings of new beginnings (due to new school term memories I think - normal people presumably feel new beginnings in the spring, or January). The Hamishes are looking splendid - he is such a handsome chap. xx

Lyn said...

Is that silkie sue in the basket on top of the wardrobe? no? gosh she is a sprightly old girl! is that a word???

JoJo said...

Hamish and Hamish are so CUTE! It's getting autumny here too, thankfully! It's finally dark in the morning and dark before 9 pm. It's a relief.

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