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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A bit of good news..

If you stop by here you probably know I do a spot of 'colouring in' for my job. I work full time as a greeting card artist, and in my own time, I sew, and work on my own children's picture book ideas....and boy did I have a spot of good news yesterday that I'm still in shock about.

After my agent spotted one of my illustrations, she set me up with a writer, who turned my pictures into a proper children's story..... so I worked on more illustrations, and plotted out a full dummy book then I forgot all about it.

Until yesterday, when I received a say that my book idea, is going to be published!!

So at the mo, I still can't believe it...I'm sat here now while Mr M is STILL working away..with Miss Sue on my lap...

AND my new bag came today!

there were many a gasp at work today when I had it on display...THANKYOU lovely Raquel...

Wow this lady can sew alright!!

So you can see I'm really busy, but to be honest with you I love illustrating cute pictures....

I never have days like these normally!

Oh I wasn't gonna have a glass of wine....oh GO ON then :0)

Nighty night bloggers, and thankyou for stopping by to read my wafflexx

Love Sam x


Lyn said...

Sam thats such good news, I of course will be interested in the progress of your book. Congrats!

kirsty said...

Wow, congratulations - that's wonderful news! I love the owl. You must be thrilled to bits!

JoJo said...

Congratulations Sam!! That's fantastic news! AND your beautiful new bag arrived too. Awesome! You'll have to let us know when the book is ready, as I would like a copy.

RaquelGonzalez-Handbagcave said...

I might as well share a glass of wine with you from here :) Congrats Sam, those are great news. Lovely to see the bag in your office. I'm glad that it got there so fast! :)

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful is that?!!!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

wahhoo that is fab - a big well done ! Can't wait to see it - make sure you blog about it as soon as you get a copy :-)

smilernpb said...

Wonderful news....autographed copy, please! xx

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