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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sewing and painting...

Very early today to be exact...

6.30am early...I woke up...TOOOO hot..and just couldn't get back to sleep, Mr M had already moved downstairs with Silkie on the sofa, as its much cooler..

This is my lil bargin sewing machine, from a shop called Argos, of all places...I hunted high and low, and in the end I bought it from ebay for £30. You can still get this little machine, I think its about £60...its called a budget sewing machine....and its BRILLIANT. I made some loose covers for a chair today, the fabric was quite thick, and it sewed like a dream. Plus its smaller and than the usual machines...

Poor Miss Sue, being an older lady, really can't bear this heat...she keeps moving from spot to spot and doesn't seem to get comfy. I have to say though for a pussy cat who is 15 this year, she is really fit...we found her asleep on top of one of our new wardrobes on Friday night after climbing some ladders that we had left in the bedroom!

I have also been working on more samples....of a jungly nature...fingers crossed one day I might get to illustrate a children's book!

Now I'm for my T.. and a spot of Dallas!

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

Love Sam xx


Lyn said...

Lucy is the same, she doesn't like it too hot either. I wish you would do a childrens book, I am sure the children at school would love to look at it!

Josie-Mary said...

That machine is lovely! I brought mine from Argos & it's great. It was about half the price then John Lewis, good make & basic...just what I need.
I didn't sleep well last night because of the heat.... I couldn't be bothered to get up to switch the fan on so hence I woke up every hour!!

JoJo said...

I am currently typing this with an ice pack on my head. I cannot stand hot weather and easily succumb to heat exhaustion.

Great deal on the sewing machine! My hubby got my a Pfaff a couple holidays ago and I only now am learning how to use it.

GardenofDaisies said...

Miss Sue is looking very well indeed for 15!! I love your alligator picture!!

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