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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Today I'm lovin...

my new digital tablet...I've been trying it out on some fashion illustrations..this one is loosely based on Lily van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl..AKA Kelly Rutherford..

I can't stop watching Murder she Wrote...
I would love to live in Cabots Cove...

and live here in Jessica's house..

and I would love to get my hands on this

this is the actual typewriter...(Thanks google image search)

and I absolutely love this..

Wicked Witch Barbie....where am I gonna get her from?

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

S x


Snowball said...

I've always been drawn to old things and Jessica's home is quite nice, but I don't think I'm a Cabot Cove kind of person. They'd probably all be talking about me, and I'd be the first person suspected if something happened.

I do have a typewriter similar to the picture you posted though. My 'Remington' is the same as one that sat on my grandfather's desk throughout my entire childhood. No, I don't use it. It just evokes some wonderful memories when I look at it.

JoJo said...

BTW, I've been to Jessica's house. I took a picture of my parents standing in front b/c they were fans of the show. It's located in Mendocino, California, which is the stand in for Cabot's Cove, Maine. The only thing is whenever I saw the show, I knew it was the Pacific coast b/c of the position of the sun all the time in relation to the water, and also Maine looks nothing like that.

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