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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lost and Found

Did I ever mention that I'm sentimental? I loved my childhood....(my senior school was a whole lot of rubbish) ..but up until the age of was great.

I kept all of my favourite best as I could. Ginger my bear used to sit on my bed..or in my bed, I loved him as I thought we were a similar colour...he was soft and felt nice..and had a sweet face.

Then as a 16 year old, we were asked to bring in old childhood toys for an art project at college..and Ginger came along..I painted a big A3 picture of him..then I forgot about him.

I don't know what happened..I can't remember. I think he probably ended up in a box, a cupboard..I can't remember..distracted by other things..boys and parties, dear old Ginger got lost at college.

Then..about 4 or 5 days ago, as I was meandering about ebay..I was looking at old toys, I wasn't looking for anything especially..then I spotted a little face from long ago..

I thought he looked liked Ginger..maybe he would be a different colour..or size..but I took a chance and popped a £10 bid on.....and I won!

Today I came home from work, and as soon as I saw the size of the parcel I was hopeful..not too big..just about the right I unwrapped the parcel...

Dear sweet old Ginger had found his way home...22 years later.....



JoJo said...

Is it, indeed, YOUR Ginger??? My mom spirited away all my toys if I wasn't actively playing with them, but she knew better than to touch my stuffed animals. I have fiercely guarded my beloved horse, Trax, since then. I still have him although I confess he's in one of the boxes I have not yet unpacked from my move east last year. But I know where he is and that's the important thing!

Josie-Mary said...

Is it really your Ginger? Wouldn't that be lovely :) x

Marlen said...

Lucky you! Haha. ;]


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