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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I got it!!

Check it out...the cutest little desk!
I just had to have it!! Its so cute and well made!...It fits in a cute nook in my kitchen, and all my bits and bobs fit in nicely.
wowzers its hot today, I just had to rush out to fill the car up with fuel, apparently there is going to be a strike here in the UK any time now, as seeing as my commute is a 2 hr drive every day, thought it best to stock up :0)
Image care of google search and Dancing with the Stars
I have also been trying to watch the american 'Strictly come Dancing' Melissa Gilbert is competing this time, and she is a favorite lady of mine. I grew up watching her in Little House on the Prairie, and she looks amazing at the age of 47. I'm 9 years younger and just hope to look as well as she does..(Even a little finger!) when I'm that age.
Image care of of Google Search
Ooo look at her here..shes so cute!! I have just ordered her Biography, by all accounts she talks about everything so I'm looking forward to that.
My garden is coming to life too. Thanks to husband, who has literally become Alan Titchmarsh overnight..hes worked really hard on the garden, plus he's more or less working 7 days a week at the thanks Mr M xx
I have also taken up a new healthly food and exercise routine..its been 2 weeks and I have been doing an hours exercise a night..its really good, and did kill my legs to start with, plus I have a little friend to keep me company..
Hello Miss Silkiesue..she must be laughing at me flaying about :0)
Happy hump day dear bloggers...byeee!!
s x


JoJo said...

Great desk! Over here it's called "Dancing with the Stars". Didn't know Melissa was competing. I love her. I would love to read her book!

Lyn said...

What a lovely post...I didn't recognise the little girl as a grown up!
Good luck with the exercise.1

suzyspellbound said...

That desk is small but perfectly formed...great find! So so pretty

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