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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Desk Obsession..

Well I blame watching Miss remember the old black and white versions with Margaret Rutherford?  I absolutely love her cottage (I know its a set on the inside) but some films sets are nicer than the real thing!
Now I have got it into my head that somehow I want a little writing desk in my living room..not that I write much or anything..but you know just incase!
Then whilst perusing ebay I came across these cute little sloping desks..they were all the rage some years ago..Oh I do love a bit of vintage stationary! I do have a really lovely old writing bureau..but its kinda being used already in my kitchen with my TV on it...(I know not really using it for what it was for, but it works really well....)
Ooo just what to do dear bloggers????
S xx

PS and...I have got a real thing about old books too...
Isn't this a lovely room? (Image care of google..thankyou!)


MelMel said...

I'd go for both!
They are lovely...went to the mustard tree today they had some 30's wooden drop down desks...for 10 quid each1
They would look lovely painted!xx

JoJo said...

The other day my cousin suggested that I handwrite her a letter. I'm afraid I'd get writer's cramp now! Too used to typing!

LissyLou said...

i love writing desks!!

i wanted one in the living room, but there isnt really the space with the boys around so i have one in my craft room. I got it last year from freecycle!! its actually a bureau. I have been sorting out my craft room and am looking forward to filling all the little compartments and drawers. I will sit there to write letters, cards etc, just like i remember my mum and nan doing at theirs!! xx

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