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Saturday, 14 January 2012

A New Blog..

Hey Bloggers..

I'm gonna set up another blog...cause I realised after speaking with chums that maybe my interests in old movie stars and the silver screen would be better suited to a platform on the own.

As there is the illustrator Sam..

She will stay here...

and the Sam that loves to make Bears from time to time...

She will stay here too!

and the Sam that loves all things to do with making my home 'homely' and thrifty bargins.. she will stay put too!

But as I have a HUGE love for old films and movie stars..they are going to have a new home...
I'm not expecting anyone to read it...I think it will be more for myself so I can record what I watch and be honest that is what my blog is about. I've never been interested in having a facebook page...getting hundreds of visitors or anything like that (Between me and you..I don't like Facebook at all..there I've said it!)......but its lovely that I get some bloggy visitors and comments from time to time.

But for one last cheeky mention here...about a movie related subject...can't wait to see The Artist..

Apparently the little doggy steals the show!! Tooo cute!!

Happy Saturday this space for my as yet to be named movie diaryxx



Mister Hooper said...

Ah do fink dat is a good idear anty sam

Miss Holly said...

Well...I'll be reading it as I have the same love....and I was just thinking how much I am looking forward to " the Artist" as well...I adore old movies....they give me such pleasure and so nice to watch while doing projects!!!
Also......the illustrations are divine....oh I so wish I could paint.....lucky you!!!!!!!

JoJo said...

Have a great weekend Sam! I know you don't like Facebook, but if it wasn't for that site, the love of my life wouldn't have found me and brought me home.

smilernpb said...

Oh, that sounds interesting. I look forward to following your new adventure.

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