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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ageing on Film

Hey Bloggers...hows you this January evening, where ever you are.

At the moment I am filling my spare time with one of my favourite pastimes...watching old movies..

You see I'm a film addict..and most of my favourite films are from the late 30's until the late 1970s...from spooky film noir's to, musicals and 1970's disaster movies...I love them all.

One thing that is so apparent to me is the way that for some film stars, being famous and on the silver screen, has recorded how they look act and age...which I think is lovely, but also quite strange in a way.

Here is the beautiful Deborah Kerr, I think here she is about 27. I have a HUGE soft spot for her, she was an amazing actress, and she was so elegant and beautiful. She is a role model to me, especially as she is a fellow redhead.

And here she is in her mid to late 30's...similar age to me right now...

And this was when I think she was in her early 70's... I really want to take a leaf out of her book, and hope to look like that when I reach her age..

And who do you think this is...her smile gives it away I think.. in her very early 20s..possibly younger..

and here she is in her late 30s..

and a bit older, from the time when she was in her own TV series..

and a little bit cute is she is...Doris is a huge animal lover.....

I can't believe that Doris is almost 90!!...its hard to imagine.

Here is a very young Maggie Smith, if you have never watched her in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, you are in for a treat!!

I love her hair in this photograph...If I was going to have a short hair do it might be like this!!

Don't you just love Maggie in the Harry Potter movies?

Anyway I will leave you with a quote from Doris Day..

 “The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it.”

....heres to growing old gracefully like these ladies!!

Happy Hump Day dear Bloggers!!

Sam xx

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JoJo said...

Love Maggie Smith. She's awesome! Great post!

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