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Thursday, 10 November 2011


...Stefanie Powers AKA Jennifer Hart...from Hart to Hart is gonna be in UK's I'm a celeb get me outta here!!! I have loved Stefanie since I was about 7 years old...I have always imagined that Jonathan and Jennifer Hart are my 'other' parents..fighting crime, drinking champagne and driving fast cars abroad somewhere...Oh dear I'm gonna be hooked!!..
I'm also really annoyed with my self for missing my vintage Dooney and Bourke bag on ebay..I think it went for £11.00...oooo I could kick myself!! Still I'm am still on a mission to get one, I will keep looking, in actual fact I'm have decided to start collecting Vintage Leather heres to the beginning of a bargin hunt!
And just one final thought of the day...can it really be only 6 weeks this weekend til Christmas? How is that possible...You might have to check out some of the 'oooober' blogger I'm feeling a christmas panic coming on!
s xx


JoJo said...

Sorry you missed out on the bag. I cannot believe the holidays are fast approaching. Ah well. When you are as broke as we are, buying gifts isn't even an option. lol

Lyn said...

that panic is catching!!!!!

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The Red Shoes
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