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Saturday, 22 May 2010

A New Little Friend!

Well today started early...5 am early, even with an eye mask on to sleep with..(very alluring I know!) The light even then was really bright, and I was wide awake. So up I got, washed up, mopped the kitchen floor, put the washing on...

I had no desire to go anywhere today, I just wanted to pootle about my little house.. then I spotted something...

Oh 'Hello' I said..who are you?

and a small little voice said as it sat back down on the watering can under the Tulip tree..

"Percy...Percy Bear"

Percy seemed to like sitting under the tree in the place I said, to get out of the sun!

What a sweet little bear your are!

"You think?" said Percy, so I left him alone, but I expect to see him in the house a bit later..
So I thought I would do a bit of drawing in the garden, but guess who had other ideas..

SUe KiTTon!! I said!

Yes I do realise that you are very pretty...and I love you very much, but I'm trying to draw!!


Then she fell asleep all over my books and sketches!!

Hope you have had a lovely Saturday too!

Love Sam x

PS Don't tell Percy, but he is made from Mohair, fully jointed, stuffed with woodwool and little glass beads for weight, and he has been 'aged and shaded' by me to give him that really old fashioned lost toy look... and is 9.5 inches tall. I will post him up in my Gingerwine lost toys shop too xx


Lyn said...

Ohit was too hot to do much today wasn't it? My lucy flaked out on the patio table too today, it's too hot for little pussy cats!
Your toys are so gorgeous, you must have so much patience.

Lyn said...

That should say Oh it was......

Serenata said...

You certainly had an early start to a wonderful day. Percy looks a right cutie and as for your cat?!

winnibriggs said...

Both your little friends look very comfortable in the heat, can't blame them for not wanting to move!

JoJo said...

You live a truly magical life Sam. I love your blog. Percy is a cutie! And as Silkie Sue's human, I guess you have to defer to what she wants to do. lol

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Definitely a clever Percy to find a shady spot... our cat keeps flaking out on the tiles in the kitchen... I hate to say it but its too hot for me... I prefer the spring and autumn temperatures...

mind you back to colder and wetter weather tomorrow...

x Alex

bobbybegood1 said...

Yes JoJo, she does seem to live a charmed life - LOL!! Percy is so adorable. And I just love Silkie Sue - now she is out of this world. I really enjoy your blog Sam. Cheers!!

Kitty said...

Little Percy is so sweet.

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