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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


to you dear bloggers for all your wonderful comments about Hamish xxRob was really chuffed you took the time to comment so positively about his work. Just to let you know (Those of you who asked) Rob created Hamish whilst still at Uni, when he was studying Illustration. He was originally exhibited at The Royal Collage of Art, along with a first draft of the 'Hamish' story.

Since then Robs artwork and his stories have been sat in a drawer, up until recently, when Rob decided to have another go at writing more and painting more illustrations.

Hamish has never been published, but its Robs dream that he thankyou once again for your kind words xx

Now for another heartfelt thankyou to LYN lyn-everydaylife.blogspot.comxxx

I received a message from Lyn, to say that she had something to send to me, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened this.

Lyn has painted my precious Silkie Sue, and boy can this lady paint!!

The detail in this beautiful painting is just wonderful, and as soon as I can I will be having the picture framed. Isn't this blogland of ours just wonderful?, dear Lyn took the time to do this for me, for no reason, just a kind gesture, how nice is that?

Please go and visit Lyn's blog xxx

And one final thing...have you heard about Cath Kidston selling part of her sent ripples at work today I can tell you, and my heart sank a little....

But hey ho! i was suddenly inspired by this photo!

Now can you see who has inspired me...may be a little 'Stanley' Lakeland Terrier needs to be created here at Silkies...I enjoyed making Hamish so much, that my fingers are itching for another project...what do you think dear bloggers???

Bye for now

Sam xx


GardenofDaisies said...

What a lovely picture of Silkie Sue from Lyn!!!
Yes, I think maybe Stanley needs to be next. He is a cutie.

Shabby Chick said...

Hamish is beautiful! If I could make something that great I know I'd have a whole army of them!

mel xxx

Felted House said...

I think you should definitely make a Stanley - no question about it, although what will Miss Sue think about being surrounded by dogs?! I do hope Rob's dream of Hamish being published comes true soon.
Lyn did a beautiful picture of Newton for me after he died - it's very special, I'm so glad you've got one of Silkie Sue xx

Lyn said...

I hope Rob's dreams come true and Hamish gets to be famous!
So glad you liked the painting, she was so lovely to paint.

celadon2 said...

Beautiful painting, and Hamish is wonderful too.

I do like Stanley, can he be Hamishs' friend?


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Once Hamish is published I will definitely be buying a copy... I think there is a real market out there for him...
The painting is beautiful, I did a similar one for my brother of his 2 tabby's but I used pastels...
I think you should make loads of character toys, you are very good at it... :)

X Alex

JoJo said...

Lyn is very talented! Silkie Sue must be so proud!

Hamish is adorable. I want to cuddle him!

soaplady said...

is he real!?

Josie-Mary said...

oh my goodness, I've missed some of your post..... I can't believe you made Hamish, he's lovely & the art work looks great.....what a talented couple you are :)
Yes please make Stanley. I think you should start selling them, they would make beautiful gifts for children.
I've just read about Cath too, it would be a shame if a big company brought it. I hate corporates taking over the world.....good for Cath for setting up the business for scratch. :) x

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