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Friday, 12 February 2010


Thankyou my lovely bloggy chums for stopping by my...well Silkie Sues blog and reading about my comings and celebrate 100 bloggers following my blog (oops Sue's blog) theres only one thing to do...celebrate with a


Now its over to you...all you have to do is leave me a message and link the giveaway icon to your blog...and let me know what you would like me to I will paint and frame a picture for

You have until Friday 26th Feb to enter.........

Oh and I will post worldwide!

Thankyou again lovely bloggers...
and hopefully I will be able to show you pictures of a furry friend who should be made by Sunday xx

Thankgoodness for Friday...phew...what a weekxx


celadon2 said...

Oh I think I mentioned when I last wrote how much I loved your paintings.

I think I'd love anything that you painted, though we are more cat (4 of them) people than dog people.


made with love said...

Ooooo, what a beautiful giveaway. You are such a talented artist.
I would love something that would portray my 3 lovely children, not necessarily a portrait, maybe 3 children playing on the beach (their favourite past time)
I can't wait to see this furry creation you are making.
I am having a Valentines Giveaway, ends Sunday, if you are interested.
Have a lovely weekend
Rachael XX

GardenofDaisies said...

I love all the flowers, birds, and of course cats that you paint!!! I just love your soft edge style.

claire said...

what a really lovely giveaway x
I love your cat paintings and as I am trying (very hard) to persuade my husband our family is not complete til he gets me a ginger kitten, perhaps a painting to show him how sweet it would be!!!
I love your new header by the way. You and sue look great! xx

Rubys mamma x said...

Hey Sam, you know im already a HUGE FAN of your work,but so far i havnt got a silkie sue original so id love a painting of Ted to have at home! How exciting.....i will put the giveaway thingy on my blog now xxxx

Ali said...

Wow what a fantastic giveaway. All your work is lovely so it would be hard to choose - probably a flowery one though?!?

Clare said...

Ooh ooh ooh! what a really lovely giveaway please enter me as I have an old puss who would love her picture painted!!I'm putting your link on my blog asap!Fingers and toes crossed.

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a super giveaway! I have added a link from my blog.....I'd love a Springy Spaniel painting of my lovely Lucy if I were to win!


Lyn said...

oh please, please put my name in the hat. I would love a pinting of Lucy in your own beautiful style! I will link to your blog on mine.

pussman said...

Hi, Hope I win this!!
I would like you to paint some birds for me!
I have already a few myself and I love all little bird pictures I love a lot fantasy birds.
Would you do that??

gill said...

what a fab giveaway!! i love your work - i'd choose flowers i think


Felted House said...

I have been tempted to enter this as I do love your style of painting! I've just put a link on my blog.
I am drawn to simple birds at the moment and love the two birds sitting on the top of that heart on your 'love and teds' picture on your illustration blog - just that simple image alone would be perfect - although even one bird would be lovely! xx

Martin Collins said...

What a lovely giveaway!

I've blogged about your giveaway and put a link to here.

If I had to really choose something I would love to see painted, it would be wood anemones. I just love the vibrant colours. I've been trying to grow them unsuccessfully for several years in the hope I could have jugs of them round the house.

A painting of them I could enjoy forever instead of just during a growing season.

Meagan said...

Hello Sam, it's great to have found your blog! I really enjoy your illustration style. It will be nice to see your posts in my RSS feed!

Yategirl said...

Wow what a great giveaway! I've only just found your blog and love the artwork I have seen so far! I'd love a painting that showed my 2 boys or one of our dogs.

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

oooh yes please! Your art is absolutely beautiful!

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

forgot to say for me it would be anything that represents the simple life in our beautiful country, England. Off to link now!

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