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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Thank Goodness for Home Shopping

Goodness me - I'm tired tonight - swam 30 lengths got home did the housework and the Tesco shopping came - which is a god send. As I work full time the last thing I want to be doing is walking around a supermarket - I'd much rather be at home crafting on my sewing machine.....


prettyshabby said...

ohhh..lovely cath kidston frame you have there with those cute sealyham dogs! I've just popped over to say hello and thank you for your lovely message..poor old Basil,I'm just glad he survived being hit by a car.. your Sue is rather gorgeous btw!
I will have to read some more of your lovely blog..bye for now x

Country Bliss said...

I agree, supermarket shopping is boring, I'd much rather be sewing or crocheting. Love the photo frame.

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The Red Shoes
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