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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Blog excitment!

Hello Bloggers
Well here I am ... I have been visiting blogs for about 2 years now and have poored over the pictures and stories so now I have (With some help from a new chum) set up a blog. I fear it could be rather addictive but I don't mind.. you will have to bear with me and I hope a few people out there will read my ramblings.

Well a little about me - I'm an illustrator in the day and by night I love crafting and making things...I live in a 1960's house which is really a cottage in the country side (Well in my head it is) So apologies to Mr M for the old objects and worn out toys and things that I sneek into the house! We share our house with our precious cat Queen Silkie Sue - who is the most adorable Bengel cat ever - some pictures of her will be following as soon as possible. Silkie really is in charge of us, and I will tell you all about her at a later date.. sorry I am a mad cat woman now xxx

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The Red Shoes
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