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Friday, 21 October 2011

Happy 16th Birthday...Sweet Silkiesue Kitton!!

Here she is doing her favourite thing ...snoozing....with one eye open a little bit just so she can keep an eye on things. Me and the hubby love Sue Kitton so much...she is one of the sweetest, cute...chatty cats, and we couldn't bear to be with out her...So Happy Birthday Miss Sue, heres to another 16 years!!..Prawns for T!!
Sorry I have been absent from Blogland...I have been OOOOBER busy after work, doing extra colouring in...and a spot of bear making too...Now this little bear is a new design, as I changed the proportions, and hes completely handsewn...
 Now he really needs some eyes!
 and a bit of stuffing in his little legs..
And a scarf to keep him warm...Hes a present for a friend of mine...hope she likes him!
Before I forget, I haven't forgotten about my 'delayed' Halloween giveaway, but I will announce it by midweek next time for Halloween...sorry for the delay!!

Happy Weekend!
Love Sam xxxand Miss Sue..who will always be a Kitton xx


Rob McPhillips said...

Happy Birthday Sillllkie Suuuueeeeee!!!

sweet old girl : )

Mr M xxx

Rob McPhillips said...

Happy Birthday Silkiesue-sweet kitton!
love Mr M xxx (maa-owww!) : )

Tea with Willow said...

Happy Birthday Silkie Sue!! Hope you enjoy the prawns!

Love Willow & Tom xxxx

Lyn said...

Happy, happy birthday sweet Sue, may all your dreams be happy ones.

JoJo said...

Happy Birthday Silkiesue!!!! And many more!!! The bear is adorable, I'm sure your friend will cherish him (or her!).

Mister Hooper said...

ah fink he am very cute bear, ma mummles will luv him speshul

The House Of Genista said...

Happy Birthday Silkie Sue!xx

val said...

Hope Silkie Sue had a great birthday.

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