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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A British Icon...

The very glamourous and youthful Joan Collins..
I was very excited to see that she has a new book coming out The World According to Joan, some extracts have been published in the UK Daily Mail. I first remember her as Alexis Colby in Dynasty..(Which I have started to watch again!) I completely forgot that she was an artist too...
I think she is an inspiration, she is so young and youthful, which gives me hope, as who really wants to get older?
Anyway, I will be getting her book ASAP...I think you can find it in Sainsbury's next week, as its been released early...
Now tonight I think I will be mainly watching The Colby's you remember that series...Charlton Heston appears in it...with Stephanie Beacham...its brilliantly glamourous and cheesy...I love it!
Happy hump day!
Sam x
PS...I have started Twittering...see if you can find Silkiesuesue..


Jessie said...

These portraits are great! So simply painted yet so stunning! Lovely work.xx

JoJo said...

What a fantastic portrait!

Lyn said...

love the portraits, I would tweet but don't twitter Im afraid!

mrspao said...

Lovely portrait!

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