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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day Trip to the City of London!

Hey Bloggers...hows you this lovely Sunny Sunday?

Yesterday Mr M and I went to London, for a little day trip. They day flew by, and we literally ran everywhere. I paid the price for having a fun day, by getting the worse headache I have had in years on the way home, plus I had forgotten to take any pain killers...(Something I always carry...) but hey ho, all ok now!

We managed to go to the British Museum, a really cool book shop called Gosh, walked along the embankment, had a couple of beers and an ice cream...then went to the Winston Churchill Rooms..which were AMAZING!

So I took as many snaps as I we were running out of time....and didn't have as long as I would have hoped!

These were the war cabinets secret offices, under the ground. Winston Churchill and his staff lived and slept down here, where it was secret, and because they thought they would be safe, because of reinforced concrete above their heads. Turns out, that if they did take a direct hit from a bomb above them, it wouldn't have saved them...

These rooms were kept safe, no bombs fell on them, and Hitler didn't know it even existed!

We were a little hesitant about going in, as the entrance price was £16.00..but it was well worth it, as there was so much to see, and what was really amazing was that it was as if the people who worked down there 70 years ago, had just left for the day....quite spooky!

Apologies for the lighting...I didn't use a flash, and had to take all the photos quite quickly!

There were so many things to look at!

They even had a cat!

The senior members of staff had their own bedrooms..

I have a couple of bed covers like the one above, that used to belong to my Grandmother..(The husband hates them...too granny for his taste!)

Everything is just as it was...letters, pens, telephones..

I'd have loved to have had a closer look...but its closed behind glass!

This is Winston Churchill's bedroom..

I took so many photos, and there were so many rooms to look I would recommend a visit!

Have a lovely Sunday where ever you are...I'm off to paint some pictures!

Love Sam x


smilernpb said...

Wow, the musuem looks amazing. P and I are planning a trip with the bigger of our two to London some time over this year. I expect, because of all the things we want to do, we will go for a couple of days. This looks like a really interesting kids are very keen on museums, which is kinda odd for kids I think! lol

Anyway, glad you had a fab time, and thanks for sharing! xx

mrspao said...

How wonderful. I have been meaning to go to the Cabinet War Rooms for ages but have never made it there.

Lyn said...

Sam it looks amazing and our sort of place, next time we go to that there London I think it will be on the list!

JoJo said...

WOW what a cool tour! Looks like you got your money's worth though. Glad you had fun in London!

Rachel Clowes Illustrator said...

Hi Sam, great to meet you Saturday at the Tate, looks like you enjoyed the rest of the day too, Love your teddies!

val said...

I have never been to the Cabinet War Rooms. I tried once, but they were closed. Bit shameful, really - I live in London, and a train ride of just 20 minutes takes me to a few minutes' walk away!

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