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Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Crush Mrs Bridgewater..

ooooo I have a new 'thing' I'm obsessing over..

and her name is Emma Bridgewater...

I blame my husbands best friends girlfriend...a while ago she told me she has spent rather alot of her hard earned pennies on EB pottery (she works very hard and deserves it I can assure you!) and she showed me her collection...and I have been quietly obsessed since.

But seriously Mrs expensive are your wears? The half pint mug above is about £18...yes it is beautiful...but come on!

So here is a little blogland I know you bloggers love a bargin! Has anyone stumbled across any cheaper lookalike versions on the highstreet anywhere...I don't expect to find handpainted birds on mugs..but anything similar to the spots and hearts..if you could let me know I would be really grateful.

I thought I could buy a couple of real EB bits and muddle them in with cheaper bits and bobs if you know what I mean!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Saturday

Love Sam xx


Diary of a Tinyholder said...

TK maxx, some of the supermarkets (Sainsbury's has a lovely chicken hand painted set), Dunelm Mills also has a hen china set similar. I think it's insanely overpriced. I prefer the quality and the beauty of Caroline Zoob china. It really is stunning and made by her not manufactured.

Lyn said...

I agree far too much to pay for china. keepan eye out at TK Maxx as they do have similar in sometimes.
She is married to Matthew Rice and he does some lovely stuff too-also expensive!

Pearly Queen said...

You have to go a long way to beat the (v. expensive)prices of Susie Watson designs, but I do love them. I have a tiny little green jug with spots that cost £16!!!!! but it does look cute on my mantlepiece with my crochet flowers in.

Janice said...

Emma Bridgewater has a seconds factory outlet that you can buy from direct. I have quite a large collection of her stuff and buy the seconds regularly, kids and plates!!
Also there is always a bargain to be had on Ebay if you are patient.
Sign up to her newsletter online and you will get mailings of sales too. Sometimes there are big reductions on certain lines.

JoJo said...

You can always try ebay, craigslist or

Scented Sweetpeas said...

If you pop into a national trust shop you will find some lovely cups with handpainted birdies on them and in her sort of style - ooh must treat myself to one :-)

LittleGem said...

TKMaxx another winner here! Seen some spots an heart ones in there, also John Lewis has a VERY similar shape range in blue spots. Erm, And Past Times have a lovely Union Jack mug in the same shape too.
Hope thats helps!
Good luck in your search! xxxx

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