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Friday, 19 December 2008

Two Sues!

Well look what arrived in the post a couple of days ago...another sue! (Made of Wool!)
All the way from Fuzzy Mittens in Quebec. Her knitting is beautiful faultless....such neat little stiches.
Not sure what the 'real' Sue makes of Wooly Sue - but I think she is lovely!

Well Christmas is on the way - just under a week away. I'm sure it should still be November and I can't believe how quickly Christmas seems to be here again

I have such fond memories of Christmas as a little Sam back in the late 70's early 80's - drinking Snowballs (Only little ones) that my mum made from our mini bar (Yes we had a real mini bar with bar stools and pumps!) and eating prawn cocktails out of green glasses whilst listening to Boney M.

Those where the days.......and I still want to be Jennifer Heart from Heart to Heart....


Lavender hearts said...

Your cat is just beautiful! She looks like a little leopard!

gingerwine said...

She meows like one too - especially in the middle of the night! thanks for leaving a message!

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The Red Shoes
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