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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I Love Vintage Toys...

Yes I do I do...can't get enough of them! So do you still have your old thread bear toys you loved when you were little?

I do, though they are completely worn away, and my most loved resemble 2 balls of wool...(Not really worthy of a photograph!) But I still treasure them, and they live in a little cloth bag, with some other thread bear softies...

This isn't my chicaboo...but I did have one once...and regret throwing him away!
I also loved Pippa, and Sindy..

And I was desperate for a girls world 'head'...but my mum bought me a sensible Sindy styling head instead!! (Is it just me, or was Girls World a bit...well tarty? :0)

So I think thats why I love making old vintage style toys....

They just take me back to a bygone time....

Oh and I bought a new sewing machine....and its not vintage, or a brand name, but It did have lots of good reviews on the I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that it works ok!

I have another long weekend this week, so I'm planning on some more sewing projects..
I wonder what to sew?

More Lost Toys...?


So night night from me and Mouse.......

Love Sam xx


Lyn said...

I have a large bright orange bear-very 70's he's in the loft somewhere!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I had a girls world and she was a tart... the make-up was really tricky to get off though... ;D
I wasn't allowed a barbie though... had to have sindy... I also still have my Popple... strange little creature that rolls up into a pouch on its back...

x Alex

Michele Seraphim said...

Fabulous! I still have many of my old toys and still secretly love to play time with them... okay really it's no secret and I don't care who knows! Hehehehe I child at heart I will always be!

Thedarkerside73 said...

Love your blog!

What gorgeous toys you make! So cute.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

you must be a very similar age to me as all those toys bought lovely memories flooding back for me just now - thanks for that. Ohhh and I would like to publicly apologise to my Girls World for the terrible make up styles I used to subject her to :-)

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

My nan used to have a chicaboo called Joey sitting on her bedside when we were little. When we were sorting through her things last year we came across him but unfortunately he was just too damaged to repair.

I love finding old toys I had as a child as all ours were thrown or sold to make way for new things.

Victoria xx

JoJo said...

I still have my beloved 38 year old and completely threadbare stuffed toy horse, Trax. I love him. I have a lot of my stuffed animals from childhoood! I love stuffed toys. I was never much into dolls though.

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