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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year Dear Bloggers...

Next year will b my 5th year of blogging!!..I can feel a bit of a Movie themed year coming be honest with you I think I was born in the wrong decade!!

So heres a toast from Richard and doubt sat in an edgy cocktail bar, on a cloud somewhere... looking as beautiful as ever xx

See ya in 2012...and thanks for stopping by..

Love Sam and Miss Sue xx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lord Grantham....just tweeted me!!

I can't be completely 100% certain, but after tweeting that I'd quite like to go for a pub lunch with the delicious Hugh Bonneville..I received a tweet back...the date isn't on, but It made my night!!

See if you can find me ...silkiesuesue... I have 9 followers!!

Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

a Christmas Eve thankyou...

To our dear friends...The Carters to be.....

we got a globe mini bar...thankyou THANKYOU...

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lots of Love
The McPhillipsxx

PS Mrs Carter to be...have you got Christmas Tummy?

Happy Silkie Christmas!!

How are you today? Have you got Christmas Tummy?...Can't believe its here feels like it was Halloween 5 minutes ago!!

I have to say that I'm always a tad apprehensive about Christmas...but must try to relax a bit more about it!

And to quote another favourite blogger of mine...'See you on the other side!'

Happy Holidays!

Lots of Love
Sam and Silkie Suuuueeee!!xx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ruby Slippers..

Ok ...decided to make my own Ruby Slippers..

Found this at an amazing blog called the Ruby Slippers Blog....right wheres my glue gun......


The Wizard of Oz...oh and other things.. can buy replica ruby slippers..just like Judy Garlands!! link here

The Real Slippers!
oooo I want them BADLY!!

Basically if I was wealthy I would collect movie memorabilia...just like lovely Debbie Reynolds..

She recently auctioned her HUGE memorabilia collection..and you can download a PDF of the catalogue here..the link is towards the bottom of the page...FYI..Its amazing!!

(Quite chuffed..bought an original black and white photo and autograph of Debbie today, to add to my Kim Novak autograph...hoping to add other vintage movie stars to this as time goes on !)

It also seems that my wish to have a bit of a mini bar, is coming true in my kitchen...rather chuffed about that..

My house feels quite cozy at the moment...which is nice!!..Can you spot another Silkiesue?

Happy Christmas Thursday!!

Sam xx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Blogging Nook...

...bit of tinternetting...and an early Christmas Present...Cat On a Hot Tin Roof..(Thankyou Miss Carter)..
I just can't get enough of Elizabeth Taylor and Maggie Smith this week...just love the old movies...I really was born in the wrong decade....(ooo and not forgetting Miss Kim Novak, can you spot her?)

Happy Christmas Tuesday dear bloggers xx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Check this blog out...

After having a lovely Christmassy day today..a shopping trip to Marlborough and seeing HUGO at the really old cinema here in Devizes...I came across this wonderful Movie Props Blog...(Basically I was looking up prop and costumes from Hugo)

........Hollywood Movie Costume and Props Blog

If you love films like me you are in for a treat, and is a good distraction, if like me you can feel the annual 'Christmas Anxiety' creeping up..:0)

Anyway must dash...Sunday night is Bath night, and I still have a week at work to get through before a weeks holiday!!

Nighty night dear Bloggers!

Sam xx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oh Liz....

I'm sure you must have heard that Elizabeth Taylor's belongings were being auctioned this week...

I have to admit I felt kind of sad, when I spotted this picture of her wedding dress, jewels and a photo of her wedding to Richard Burton..

Look at her bags...what I would do to get hold of one!..I would LOVE an autograph, but sadly they are WAY out of my price range..

Love this pic..David Bowie looks a bit scared!!

Always love you Elizabeth!!
S x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This week I'm...

mainly obsessed with Maggie Smith..
After watching the VIP's last of my all time favourite films..I decided to take lots of screen grabs..and annoyingly none of them came out!
I love everything in the film, the clothes, the actors, the sets, just everything about it I love. Maggie Smith is soo sweet in I'm hoping to figure out my technical problem, 'grabbing' screen shots...which I promise to put up! So now I'm on a mission to watch vintage Maggie Smith films...just wish I had more time to watch old films!!
Be back soon bloggers!

Monday, 12 December 2011

A Vintage Christmas

Just a few memories from my past Christmases!
Happy Tuesday!

S x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

An early Christmas Dinner...

...right better put the potatoes on...
Happy Sunday !

S xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh dear...

had no idea that my 'other' husband's wife is a 'bond girl'
Oh dear ...right...wheres my hair straighteners...and NO crisps today...
Happy hump day bloggers!!
S xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This weeks obsession...

I think its something bout this time of year especially that gets me really nostalgic...(Hold on....I'm nostalgic at the best of times!) Now I never had an original flight bag, but in a favourite film of mine with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (The V.I.P's...mental note must watch soon its set at London Airport), they travel by BOAC, and you can see in the back ground the lovely interiors, and clothes and I happened to spot a flight bag...Now I would be more inclined to travel by plane if you still got these!
Can you spot Margaret Rutherfords.........
I can feel another ebay hunt coming on!
Happy Tuesday Bloggers!

Monday, 5 December 2011


oooooo it got a bit messy yesterday at Mr M's Birthday Party...this is one of the BEST games EVER..
(Especially when theres a bit of drinking game going on as well!)
OOOO just about feeling human now..........
S xx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Happy Birthday Mr M!!

He wouldn't like it if I ever put up a real picture of him on blogland (I'm not one for showing pics of my self either !) heres a pic of George me and my Mum always say theres a little similarity!

Its a big birthday today...So Happy Birthday Robert !!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

I couldn't resist....

oooo I finally got one...a little very loved and worn Chicaboo. Shes got a bit of dirty face, and shes very loved, buts smells lovely!....It really made my day...almost like my Chicaboo from 1981 has come back to me:0)
I regretted very much getting rid of mine years ago...and thanks to marvelous ebay I'm on a mission to get a few nostalgic bits and bobs.. I can feel a hunt for some old board games coming on... anyone fancy a game of monopoly?

Sam xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Oooo I just HAVE to have one...

I really REALLY reAllYYYYY want a vintage eiderdown...seriously though how expensive are they...
???I'm feeling all nostalgic and christmassy today.....Oooo tooo many things to lust after... Theres an 'ooober' blog/website I peruse from time to time, and this person has a stack of eiderdowns.... Not fair!!
I did get a little Christmas Treat for me today...just a second hand book from Amazon when I did this thing, where I'm buying presents..and then just add a present for me to the shopping basket...(do you do that?) To be honest most of the things I buy myself are second hand, I'm really thifty...and have to watch my limited pennies.. any hoo.. sorry for the waffle, I will get to the point. A second hand ex Library book of The Children of Green Knowe arrived to day (I have a massive thing about ex Library books..) and its
 beautiful, to top it off it still had the library stamp.. and ...It smells of school...from back in the day..!
Well I'm off for some more ebay window shopping!!
Love Sam xx

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The Red Shoes
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