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Friday, 27 August 2010

Nearly finished...

Just a quicky bloggers, leaving hubby behind for the weekend, so I can pop to Devon to see my folks...

The Hamish Twins are nearly ready!!

I've got lots of things on the go at the mo ...illustration projects, sewing projects... and laptop is coming away with me...

Have a great weekend everyone

Love Sam xx

Sorry bout the yellowy pic, I took it very late last night !! I will get myself a better camera one day!! xx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What is wrong with people?

Hey Bloggers...

As an animal lover, this made my blood boil..

sky news

Just saw this on the news website....

What was the point of that?

Animal cruelty is something I cannot bare xx


Got that off my chest!


PS sorry this is a quick a lot of typing to do tonight!!


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Silkie and The Hamish Twins

Hey Bloggers..
Here in the uk, its getting really rather Autumally...(Is that a word?) It was rainy and blustery today...and I loved it! Those Halloween movies will be coming out again real soon!!and I've been busy sewing 2 Hamish's at the same time

um Hamish and Hamish, please don't use Miss Sue as a cushion...

You wouldn't want to be dragged on the top of the wardrobe now...would you?

Happy Saturdayxx

S xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

What I'm up too..

Well as you probably know I work full time, but I love being busy in my own time too..I just can't bear sitting about, so I've been keeping myself very busy...working on lots more children's book samples, as I think shortly I will have to start working on my first real picture book Big Dog is just another new idea for now...

I have been using my lovely new bag all the time..yes I'm a bag/madcat lady..

As you can see I carry LOTS of stuff..

I now call my box room home..and spend most of my time here...

Ah see what I mean ...more bags that I have been carrying about..

There has been more mohair dying..thanks Mr M, yes the husbands been helping..
as I am making 2 Hamish's at the same time..

Sewing whenever I can, even in poor light!

Phew...but I love being busy, really I do..I wouldn't have it any other way :0)

Happy Monday!

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

cats vs humans...

This is my new favourite blog...

no more homes and gardens blogs for me :0)

Happy Thursday!

Sam xx

PS thankyou for your lovely comments about my picture book! Watch this space! xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A bit of good news..

If you stop by here you probably know I do a spot of 'colouring in' for my job. I work full time as a greeting card artist, and in my own time, I sew, and work on my own children's picture book ideas....and boy did I have a spot of good news yesterday that I'm still in shock about.

After my agent spotted one of my illustrations, she set me up with a writer, who turned my pictures into a proper children's story..... so I worked on more illustrations, and plotted out a full dummy book then I forgot all about it.

Until yesterday, when I received a say that my book idea, is going to be published!!

So at the mo, I still can't believe it...I'm sat here now while Mr M is STILL working away..with Miss Sue on my lap...

AND my new bag came today!

there were many a gasp at work today when I had it on display...THANKYOU lovely Raquel...

Wow this lady can sew alright!!

So you can see I'm really busy, but to be honest with you I love illustrating cute pictures....

I never have days like these normally!

Oh I wasn't gonna have a glass of wine....oh GO ON then :0)

Nighty night bloggers, and thankyou for stopping by to read my wafflexx

Love Sam x

Monday, 9 August 2010

Wheres the week gone?

Hi Bloggers, just a little quicky but I'm back...I seem to have been rushing about this week, with no time to blog, or with anything of any interest to photograph!

Well last week wooshed by, I also felt as if I was getting the flu, my neck swelled up and I felt all shivery and shaky for a couple of days..but after drinking a truck load of orange juice I feel back to my normal self!

I have been busy working on more children's book samples, cutting out and preparing 2 new Hamish Beardogs, working full time, and in the middle of it all we had a burst waterpipe under our floor boards in the the living room!

But I'm back, and hopefully I will have some more interesting things to show you!
Happy Monday bloggers!

Love Sam x

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

ooo lots to do...

First off...I hate the hairdressers, I love the relaxing feeling of having my hair brushed and washed but I'm always terrified of the cutting bit..and I was starting to feel like the Junk Lady from Labyrinth... warning SCAREY PIC COMING UP....

any way..I thought to myself, hey there must be a tutorial about how to trim long hair yourself..
and then I found this link...and took the plunge...

and it was blooming amazing and worked a treat!!

Then I discovered this gadget which is also amazing..

Yep I'm getting me one of those..

Oh and this is my dear Silkiesue...14 years old and still nimble enough to get on top of my wardrobe...

right bloggers I'm off , got to cut a couple of Hamish patterns!!

Nighty Night! xx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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