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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

War Horse

Have any of you seen this...

Mr M told me about it today and I couldn't believe it.
He said there were these horse puppets that look and move like they are real, and that the actors were
really riding them.

Check it out on You Tube...amazing!!

I also want to say thankyou to DottyDotty for sending me the cutest crochet kitty completely out of the kind is that? (Will post a pic asap)

Stay cool bloggers. its getting warmer!!


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Too hot for walkies...

Its muggy tonight!

Well here we are at the end nearly of another week, hopefully with a bit of summer coming our way!
I wanted to say thankyou for your lovely comments about my pics...its a canine theme this week (Don't let Sue Kitton know!)
Next week may be cats!

Happy Thursday!

Love Sam xx

Monday, 22 June 2009

One puppy left...

Hi Bloggers...
Well here we are at the beginning of another week...and thanks to Sainsburys version of Red Bull I'm hanging on to a little bit of I'm really loving the light evenings (So I'm trying to cram as much in as possible!)

Mr M is down stairs on the x box playing shooting and flying..and I'm up stairs mooching on ebay...whilst watching a few Britney

Happy Monday!

Love Sam x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Come Play Ball!!

Another Doggy for Sunday...

Where oh where is the sun?
I have a feeling that as soon as I go back to work tomorrow out it will come.
I really thought it would be scorchio today, but hey ho, when its a bit overcast theres nothing like a
spot of pottering about.

(You should have seen me yesterday, determined to lay in the garden, well I ended up rolled up
asleep in my blanket, it was sooo chilly, wonder what my nosey neighbour thought??)

Something amazing (well not for the little bird concerned) happened yesterday.
A KESTREL only snatched a little sparrow in my garden - I didnt see it grab it but I heard a thud, expected
to see a cat on the grass, but no a beautiful kestrel had landed with a little bird in it claws...and just stared at me then
flew off...

well I suppose they have to eat too ...;0(

Happy Sunday!!

Love Sam xx

Friday, 19 June 2009

Picture for Friday..

Well I had to sneek a cat in didn't I?

Horray for some nice pasta in, some wine and gin and tonic
'The Tutors' on DVD and Bolt to watch.

Heres hoping I can keep my eyes open past 9 xxx

I will do my best!!

Happy Friday!

Love Sam xx

PS Meant to write 'The TUDORS'...made me chuckle as I've just noticed (sat) !!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back on it

Now this blog shop thingymegig of mine (That I have been umming and arhing about) will be organised!
I already have a little bank of art work and instead of wasting my lunch breaks, surfing the net and the like, I'm going to be painting a few little pix too on my breaks and sorting myself out.

I have had such supportive comments from the Blog Sphere that its about time I pulled my finger out.

I also need to fill up on my stash of fabric I'm hoping that Saturdays trip to the charity shops will be fruitful, and I must remember to buy some blooming interfacing...just incase I get the urge to make anything else a tad more advanced...cause theres nothing worse than getting the creative bug and you realise you can't make what you want cause the shops are shut..

Mental note...must write to do list..just in case!!

One more sleep til the weekend!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I made a hanging thingy...and why sometimes I can't make my bed before work...

Well the 'bag organiser' joke that I made has not been wasted - it got chopped in half and turned into a kinda hanging
pocket thingy, to go into my 'boxroom' little snug of mine. You see I have this habit of mooching about on the internet, seeing something I want/love and thinking...I know I can make that, normally when I don't have the correct INTERFACING that may have made a bit of a difference to the above effort.

But thats me - totally impatient!

Oh and to the 3 ladies than won a print on the mini giveaway, thankyou for contacting me, I will be posting on Saturday. Sorry its a little later that I'd hoped, but they should reach you early next week.

..... and I thought I would leave you picture evidence of why I can't make my bed before work 'excuse'

Yay its Hump day

2 more sleeps til the weekend...

S xx

Sunday, 14 June 2009

I took my sewing machine in the garden....

I hope you don't think this blog post is a bit twee.

I mean I know I took my sewing maching into the garden today, but I don't want to give you the impression that I live a flowery airy fairy life, its just that I work hard in the week, and there was no way I was going to stay in doors when there was a bit of a chance for a sunny day, even if it meant me looking a bit silly sat on the patio. The thing is that I have to make the most of my free time, and most of the time I run about like a mad person trying to cram everything in..(I take my sewing and crochet to work on in my lunch break) and when I wait for Mr M after work to go home I have been known to get my crochet hook out then too!

I think I rush rush rush about sometimes to block out the worries that most of us have, money, bills, health, family, because if I don't fill up my time I can be prone to worrying..alot.

So anyway...(enough of me waffling on!) and back on to some sewing.

First off I made a cushion. Now if like me you are very familar with Cath Kidston, well she sells some vintage bits too, and I love the cushions that are made out of old blankets...well I'm not paying £40 for a cushion. So I had a go and made one, that to be honest, looks nothing like the one in CK...but I kinda liked it.

Then I had the mad idea that I was going to make a handbag organiser...have you seen these on the internet? A french company called TINTAMAR makes these fantastic bags that go in your bag, and every thing has a little pocket, and when you want to swap bags you just pull the drawstring and pop it into your new bag. I love it as I am a handbagaholic.

Well surprise surprise, my sewing wasn't up to I won't show you the disastrous effort of mine....I think I will just have to buy the real thing ;0)

Hope you are all well on this lovely summery Sunday...

I'll be back soon :0)

Sam xx

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Little Ted picked the winners for me....


and Ruby Red

You will each get an art print!! (A3 size)

Could you email me your addresses?

I should have made the draw last night, but I had my friend Cartwheel for T (Not literally) and after a couple of large wines
I wasn't feeling that energetic!

Now I really have a big to do list, and for some reason I'm feeling a little lacking in energy or motivation. I noticed today that I haven't picked up my crochet hooks for a while (And I have entered a crochet swap) so need to pull my finger out there. I also really need to sort out my pictures and frames for my little Gingerwine shop too...too many things to do and no time thats my problem.

I did do a little picture this week for one of my very favorite bloggers, I won't say any more as I don't want to spoil the surprise incase she hasn't received it yet. All I will say is that she makes the most beautiful toys, and she was one of the first blogs that I came across a couple of years I couldn't resist doing a little pix for her. ;0)

So I will sign off now and hope you are having a lovely Saturday


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Monkey Swap

Look look - how cute is this tini tiny Monkey that I received in my Secret Monkey swap from Lesley Look at the lil Crochet Stitches - she is sooo cute!!

She even has a little crochet halter neck dress and handbag!

Thankyou Lesley xx and thankyou for the Chox, Wool and Beads that you also sent me ;0)

I can't believe sometimes the lovelyness I have received from you dear Bloggers xx

Nighty Night

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A little give a way ....and a new blogging spot

Hi Bloggers!

I have had a nice day today - My friend Ag belongs to a rather nice gym/swimming pool and got me and my other chum cartwheel a free pass to have a swim and a steam, so I am sat here now at my new slightly revamped old writing desk, feeling all clean and relaxed.

Now heres the thing, I am still planning a little blog shop, with one thing and another its taking a little longer than I hoped, with all this swapping I have been doing, and working full time, but as a little taster of things to come I would like to offer a small give a way (and it really is a little give a way)

Mr M, blew up 2 paintings of mine to A3 size (One of the original painting was sent to Mel at Shabby Chic), and printed them on photographic paper..and they came out quite well..but they are sitting here gathering dust and wondered if anybody would like one.

So there are 2 of my pictures, and one of Mr M's (A vintage rose also A3 size, he normally does alot of Disney artwork but I think he wanted to join in the shabby chic club!)...

So if you would like one...please leave a comment and I will pick 3 names on Friday evening...
(I am a bit nervous - maybe no one would want one!)

So have a lovely evening, I'm off to ebay as I have now got it in my head that I want a vintage vanity case....;0)

Sam xx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday Night Project...and a lovely Swap Parcel

Hi Bloggers!
Do you ever do things when you are absolutely knackered..and really you should be sitting quietly somewhere, cause its 9 at night and your eyes feel like giving up?
Well thats exactly what I did last night...what did I do, only get on the sewing machine at 5 to 9, with hardly any light cause I decided that I wanted to cover a little filofax as I am OBSESSED with pretty note books and diaries...It nearly went wrong..well it did but I managed to fix it and in the end it came out this week this is the little diary I am using - Mad I know!

I have also been involved in a few of which was a secret Monkey Swap with Ag, so I was able to leave it on her desk at work, I stitched a little Mad Monkey for her (Luckily we work together!) Please do visit Ags blog - she is an amazing illustrator xx

And today I received my FRIENDS swap parcel from Lissylou
Look at all the lovelyness I received! Each gift corresponded to each letter of FRIENDS..even Sue got some lovely Ribbon! Thankyou Lissylou it was like Christmas - I now have filled up my Mug Tree with Mugs that I have been entirely given by good friends xxx(Trouble is I think I need another Mug tree...but I think that may be a bit weird!) I hope you receive your Parcel on Monday LissyLouxx

Anyway bloggers, got to go check on my Tea cooking in the oven,,,have a fab Sat..Love Sam and Silkie - who is currently snoring..

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Now I could do with a broomstick and a spot of magic...

...just to make my freetime at home, and my energy levels last a bit longer, just like my namesake Samantha!
Normally, round about now at 9ish I start to feel real knacked, now I know I can't complain as I don't have children (Boy o boy that must be knackering!) but seriously I find it so hard just to sit still. But dear bloggers I have got my FRIENDS swap goodies for Lissylou, just about sorted...which I'm quite pleased with ;0) especially as I really struggled with the letters!

And I have an idea for my secret Monkey swap that I entered too...

And I have just entered another swapseys to do with Crochet...I just couldn't resist!

I'm addicted to swapping!!

Right, I'm off now...going to have a little glass of chilled wine ;)

Night Night Bloggers

Sam xx

Monday, 1 June 2009

Boy was I spoiled today...

Firstly I would like to say a huge thankyou to Nicolawho I was
very lucky to be paired up with for a pretty Rose Swap. Well, was lovely thoughtful gifts I was sent, including a beautiful embroidered picture which is now on my desk.. (Handmade by Nicola).I received a box of goodies literally...a beautiful rose mug, some rose smellies, choclates, some beautiful cards....thankyou very much dear Nicola xxx

And....look what my good friend Ag made for me when she was on her holidays no less...

BADGES...with my little pictures on!!! How cute are I wonder if anyone wants badges??? xxx

So all in all I have been very spoiltxxx

Now Ashes to Ashes is on..I must dash!!

Lots of Love Sam xx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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