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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Oh to be young and in Lovexxx

Just in time for Valentines xxxx

Oh and before I forget I have got some more blog its tricky as I love visiting all your blogs but vintage pretty and shabbys blog (prettyshabby on the side bar) has always been a favourite of mine. I LOVE her house , just gorgeousxxx

3 to go!

Sorry still having problems linking blogs!!

Rushing about for the Give - a -way !!!...

Hellooooo! Well I have been rushing about at 100 miles an hour today plus doing a load of house work (I never to seem to get every thing clean and tidy !) But anyway on to much nicer things...I have beaten those pesky Crochet Monsters and guess what...after two and a half weeks I can now GRANNY SQUARE!! Wooooo Hoooooo! Now they are not perfect but not bad and I am officially addicted.

Now onto the Silkie Sue Give- a-way. Me and The Sue have been busy getting bits and bobs together...and I have decided to do a 1st 2nd and 3rd place gift.... (No Pressure then!) So I hope you like the bits and bobs I have cobbled together, just little sweet things as If you are like me its great getting things through the post. (I have kept every letter I was ever sent from when I was little until now!)

So I'd better get on with my projects....wrapping, painting and a bit of crocheting....


Love Samxx

Tagged! By Lissylou

Hello Bloggers on this yet again grey dull day...but its Saturday and we have Blog Land to keep us happy when it is grey and dull out I have been tagged to post a picture from Lissy Lou....
Now I left Mr M to find this picture when I was rushing about this morning, and we are going to be brave and post a picture of us out here in Blogland.

Now this was when we were on our honeymoon in New York last September, we were lucky enough to go for a whole week, so heres a toast to you my Blogging chums (as I remember it was a rather large Long Island Ice Ts! yum)

Love Mr and Mrs M xx

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Blog Awards!

Hello Everyone!

Well its nearly Friday...wooo hooo and I just wanted to say thankyou again for the blog awards. Now I think the rules to pass awards on is to send it to 8 more people...Now please forgive me if you have received them before but I do love reading your blogs and wanted to let you know...

Colouring Carolyn
On Planet Ag
Tea With Willow

Carolyn and Ag have just started their blogs...they are both amazing illustrators so if you have time stop by! (Sorry still having trouble linking blogs, but I will have a fiddle at the weekend!) but they are on my blog list!

And Tea With Willow...well I just love Willows blog plus Silkie Sue Loves Tom!!

Some more to follow....

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Watch out Watch out theres a Crochet Monster about...

Turns out I have been making up my OWN double crochets....


Those pesky little monsters......;0)

Give-a-way !!!

Hello My Lovely Bloooging ooopps I mean blogging chums!

In honor of blogging for a few months now, and because of the fab comments you have been leaving for me I have decided to do a give - a- way!!

Now I was going to show you some pictures of the give -a- way gifts but I thought I would leave it as a surprise (Don't panic, its nothing crochet related!!)

Now all I will say is that it will include a spot of colouring in from me, and a few little treats.... (Naturally a bit shabby chic related) so if you are interested please leave me a comment and I will draw them out of something on Monday Night....

I am more than happy to post abroad, so role up role up...have a go at the Silkie Sue raffle!!

oooo and its hump day (mid week!) 2 more sleeps til the weekend!

Lots of Love Sam and Silkie Sue xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Hello Lovely Bloggers!I received a wonderful blogland surprise today...3 awards! from Fifties Girl and Kraftygal

It made my day!

I can't tell you just how much I love this blogging community we have...

Lots of Love Sam

PS I will pass the awards on ASAP!

Night Night!! xx

P.P.S Sorry for the short post tonight, but the Crocheting Frenzy is taking it out of me.... ;0)

P.P.P.S Could anyone advise me how you link a blog onto this posting? (I'm not very technical!) Thankyou!!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Em ..Honey there are funny bits of wool over the house...

A strange thing is happening in my house - funny shaped wooly things keep appearing in unexpected places..
I have my own suspicions...I think it may be the dreaded.....

Granny Square Monster!!


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Well you could try a little bit harder...

I have had a constant companion whilst battling my new addiction. (Furry and spotty with a meow that sounds like MA OW)

I am addicted to the evil that is crocheting..

I lay in bed thinking about it, wondering how my fingers will do what I want them to do...

But I'm getting a bit better.... I'm thinking of carrying on with my sort of circle to make a cushion. May be with some buttons and a vintage bit of fabric on the back...

Then I'm going to try a proper Granny Square..I will do it!
S xx

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Evening! (and what happens if you ignore your cat!)

Hello again ! Hope you are finding yourself well on this cold damp January evening! I wasn't planning on another post today, as I was feeling a little uninspired. But here I am sat with Mr M whilst he is playing his new Lara Croft Tomb raider game (Essentially an animated Angelina Jolie prancing around spooky tombs in her pants!) and I thought oh why not!

So before I pour myself a G and T I thought you would like to see the cozy spot I sit and blog from...just a little space on our dining table (which we rarely sit at, hence the Cath Kidston drawers) Ooo I do like to sit here as I can put the TV on in the background with my 3 sets of fairy lights , with if I have any luck an old musical or Doris Day film.

Oh and I thought you would like to see what Silkie does if I'm blogging too much!

Sam xxx

Yay Its Saturday!

Well here we are another weekend in January...can't believe it was a month ago already since it was Christmas Eve. I still miss the Christmas atmosphere and especially my lovely little Christmas Tree, which I think it still alive! (It in a pot in the garden)
Mr M was saying this morning how he was going to chop it up tomorrow but dear bloggers that ain't happening while there is a glimmer of life left in its little branches..

I'm glad the week is over..and I can relax and stay at home. I am really a homebody and I am quite happy just pottering around in doors , I always find something to do cleaning!

My house never seems clean enough to me, I don't mean that in an odd way, but I do like things to be in their place if you know what I mean, and especially after looking at your lovely homes on your blogs..oo I do get house envy!!

Thought I would leave you with a picture of a birthday card I made yesterday...with some Softies (Or Sofies) as I realized that in my hurry to draw it I miss spelt the main word!

Well me and Mr M are off to the Cinema now...we got some vouchers for Christmas, and I do love a good film!

Happy Saturday to you all!

Love Sam xxx

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cards and Crochet update!

What a cold raining night it is. Well I'm sat here waiting for the Tesco shop and what better way to pass the time than a spot of blogging (But to be honest with you I don't need an excuse to be sat here blogging and looking at your lovely blogs!)

Well I thought I would post some of my cards on here, basically my job is to illustrate greeting cards..most of the time I get to paint pretty pictures but I still get nervous and worried when I paint sometimes! I have had in the past very stressful jobs, so I am very grateful to be doing what I am doing.

Anyway enough babbling on about that. I am still battling with my crocheting, at the moment I seem to spend my time on you tube watching people with fingers that seem to bend the other way russling up Granny Squares in 9 minutes, and I'm sure they are slowing down for the demonstration. I mean 9 minutes! 9 minutes!

Sorry...but I am determined that by the end of the weekend (and not TOO many G and t's that something resembling a square will appear...)

Keeping your blogging fingers and toes crossed for me!

Byee for today!

Love Samxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Arrgggg Crochet! I will Love you!

How fiddly is this. Stupid me I thought..well I have an old step by step book and some nice wool , and a mug of small cakes but arggggggghh!

My fingers don't work properly. I won't give up. I will make a granny square ;0)

So every lunch break I will try to master it...any tips would be welcome!

Oh I nearly forgot...wanted to show you what I did with some 'samples' of Cath Kidston Circus Wallpaper..well I framed them and put them in the Bathroom. Sorry the picture isn't very good, but don't you just love getting samples! Thought I would post some Hearts too as Valentines Day is nearly here!!


PS 2 more sleeps til the weekend!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Softies!!! (and a Bean!)

Hello Bloggers!!
Well as today is apparently the most depressing day of the year I thought I would post some pictures of some Softies that I have made for my friend and his Daughter aka 'The Bean' (She looked like a little bean at first and the name stuck!)

Anyway I must explain that I discovered blogs over 3 years ago and came across Sock and Glove toys...which I'm sure you are all familiar with. I just couldn't believe how quick they were to make and how cute they were!

Since then I have been given by my boss a vintage sewing machine, and from time to time I wizz something together like Owly who The Bean is with. (My friend wanted a door stop so I filled it with Lentils) and in December last year I picked the knitting needles up and knitted a a couple of things by Fuzzy Mittens (Shes on my blog list) and today I'm trying Crochet! (I just can't seem to hold the one needle right!)

So there we are...hopefully a bit of cuteness (from The Bean!) to cheer us all up on a cold wet Monday Evening!

See you soon

Love Samxxx

PS Oh I must point out that The Bean does have a real name - bless her!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lazy Sunday....

Well I haven't left the house today - and really haven't strayed far from the house at all this weekend, apart from going round to
my dear friend Ags last night , where a number of Vodka Cocktails and homemade Pizzas were consumed (But thats another story!)

I have been trawling the internet for inspiration, and pretty things to look at and be inspired by...but to be truthful I'm feeling a tad lazy. Is anyone else?

I am determined to try to learn to maybe that will be the thing to get my crafting juices flowing...lets keep fingers and toes crossed. Any way dear bloggers - I thought I would leave you with a picture of Silkie Sue Lounging today...and a picture of some shabby chic roses... (the lounging part sums up how lazy I am feeling today.)

Back to work tomorrow.......

Saturday, 17 January 2009


A little thankyou note to those of you who have started to stop by...can't tell you how chuffed I am to read the messages.

Today I have decided to stay in and resist the pull of the little local high street just down the road (I live in a little town just out side Bath called Keynsham)

Keynsham has some really good charity shops...which I love. I have been trawling charity shops since I was about 16 and I would much rather shop there than go to a massive shopping centre, I actually avoid them! But today I'm stopping in watching the pennies, and I'm trying to think of a new project to get my teeth into but I'm not feeling overly motivated.

Oh I do have a little project in mind for an illustration to do with a pussy cat called Silkie Sue and a long distance admirer called Tom (who sent her a really sweet message today via Tea with Willow)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, 16 January 2009

I love Flowers!

I think my favorite things to paint are flowers - well they were the first things I tried to paint after not doing any thing for years after University...blimely that was a few years ago now! It funny though my friend Ag (Of Planet Ag Blog) who I work with said to me recently that you have your own clock in side you. So we have both decided that we will always be 25 (I have a confession I recently turned 35!) So I keep telling myself that - to stay young at heart! Well now - as it is Friday night I think I'm going to get my self a Friday night glass of Gin and Tonic.....and watch an old movie! Thanks for stopping by my Blog friendsxx

Colouring in!

Well here goes - I'm going to try to load some of my illustrations on a regular basis on my Silkie Sue blog and get rid of the painting Sam blog. (I think its best to have all my bits and pieces in one place if you know what I mean!) when I started all this blogging I was being a bit adventurous thinking I would have a blog for this and one for that!
Any way I'm very glad its Friday...I still haven't got over not being on a permanent Christmas break watching old films, pottering about and having the odd Christmas tipple in the afternoon!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Drawing Sue

Now, anyone who knows me knows I love my cat Silkie Sue. Now I have always loved animals, but I never realized the effect a shy little pussy cat would have on me....

And Mr M surprised me tonight with 2 lovely drawings of her - I must explain that Mr M is also and Illustrator and as he is starting life drawing again tomorrow, he thought he would practice with darling Sue...

Hes a bit good!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Introducing TIMMY!

Oh and I can't forget to show you a little Mouse called Timmy. I knitted Timmy for Carolyn as a Christmas pressi. I have only recently started to learn to knit, so don't look tooo closely!

And I have started to put a couple of pix on my painting sam blog.. hopefully I will be doing that on a regular basis...fingers crossed!

My Work Space

Well here is where I work... a studio where me and 3 other artists work painting pictures for greeting cards and stationary. I have worked in house for nearly 3 years, and I count my lucky stars every day that I have this job! I have taken a few pictures of my ideas boards and you can see some of little paintings and things I have done. As you can see I collect lots of things and surround my self with all sorts of pretty pictures and cute things. I am also lucky to enough to work with 3 great friends (Carolyn and Ag also have blogs you can see if you check my list out) and Simon. (Can't really convince Simon into 'Blogging but I'm trying I'm sure he thinks blogging is 'girly' but I ignore him!) Today I painted some Dafs and Crocus for Easter cards. Daffodils are a complete nightmare to paint, and are especially hard if like me you hate yellow! (Well painting in it!) and I couldn't wait to get home to blog again.

Just wanted to say thankyou to those of you who kindly left me messages..It was really very kind of you and I was quite chuffed that you had stopped by to read my waffling!!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Little Card For Mr M

Just a little card I made for Mr M's Birthday last year....with a cat theme again! I know I am officially a mad cat woman! I am sat here on Sunday night (The worst school night of the week) and I know that I may sit up late again just to squeeze a few more hours of the weekend again. Not sure if my Husband (Mr M) ever reads my woffling but I really love my laptop and I am getting square eyes staring at the screen! Hey ho here is another week of work to look forward too....I think I am painting some more easter cards this week, and Ooooo that means a new country living magazine...YUM!

Don't ignore me!

The Sue - Cuteness!

Musicals and staying in!

Don't know about you but isn't it a bit flat after Christmas? Trouble is I love all the decorations and staying in in my warm snuggly house...but then January comes... I must admit that I do prefer the winter months to the summer ones..theres just some thing lovely about staying in, watching an old musical (I am addicted to TCM) and pottering about. I really could be a hermit I think, but that may have something to do with being an only child as I have never minded my own company and normally can find something to do. Mr M also bought me a couple of Cath Kidston Books with cute crafting projects which I hope to tackle as well as learning to crochet. No Pressure then!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Well Christmas is all over and here I am sat on the worst school night of the year...the Sunday after Christmas. Don't get me wrong I do like my job but how hard is it going back to work when for nearly a week and a half , your time has been your own?
I am secretly envious of those people who are retired or for one reason or another don't have to work! Ba Humbug!

Anyway I won't moan as I have been throughly spoilt this Christmas so I wonder if you can see what I got?

Oh and if you are reading this Mr M - I LOVE my Laptop!!!! THANKYOU very much!!

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much