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Monday, 30 March 2009

I have been Invaded by....

The Crochet Monsters......

It happened early Sunday morning...I picked up the biggest Crochet hook I could lay my hands on , as if guided by a mysterious hand and started..

Ripping up old sheets and manically crocheting, round and round....and round , and round...

and round.

Mr M burst out laughing

Silkie Ma Owed and scuttled off

as it landed...

on Silkies 'Landing basket'

I may have to send out an sos - if I can....


PS It was meant to be the beginning of a rag rug but I can't decide if its disgusting or not!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

To do list...

Start a rag rug (really want one for my Bathroom) its to stop my self buying the very expensive spotty bathroom mat from she
who shall not be named.....Ca...

Send Easter Swap to Lovely Krafy Gal (Sorry still can't link on this laptop!)

Send Heart Swap to Tip Top

Cover my new secondhand A5 filofax in lovely fabric when it comes from ebay (Hope thats not too much of a naff thing to do)- so I can keep all my notes and projects organised
(I am fixated with filofaxes and journals.. but I never get the right one. The pocket is too small and the personal
size isn't big enough...)

Finish crocheting my bedfellow toy for my chum Miss Agnes

Stop ebaying my life away, lusting after bags on ebay...especially the Mulberry ones that I can't afford.
(But isn't the Roxanne Bag just divine???)

Finish my knitted crochets cushions..

How do you all keep organised ? I would love to know any tips!

One more sleep til friday!!!

Lots of Love Sam xxx

PS - better not to forget to make tea now!!


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Finished projects...and new ones to start!

Wow - how nice has the weather been!
I have had a very nice weekend, me and Mr M went to Wells yesterday and sat by the Cathedral in the sunshine...and today I have been pottering about at home - doing as much washing as possible so I can get things dry. Also sat out side sewing together the granny squares that I first made, which I'm going to turn into a cushion. I have also decided to stop my granny fits nicely on my arm chair and I can always add to it later if I want to.

Before I forget, I wanted to say thankyou to you for leaving the bargin idea messages, just today I was flicking through the new Tescos catalogue and they have for sale the prettiest CK inspired Duvet cover for roughly 10-12 squid dep on the size.

Mrs Kidston - you'd better worry!

Only kidding - we all love your stuff...but could you make it just a tad cheaper? Maybe your shops should have a kind of club card you get a voucher for buying so much....what do you think?

Happy Sunday and Mummys Day....Silkie even managed to buy me a card!! ;0) Clever isn't she?

Love Sam xx

PS I think I'm going to have a go at a rag rug - better get ripping up my old fabrics!!!! Byeeee!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Best Places to find Bargins... Do you want to join in?

I had an share places where I have found bargins...and bits and bobs that look at bit like Mrs Kidstons bits and bobs and anything else really (cause we all know how pricey her things can be!!) and I wondered if anyone else wanted to join in...

Well to start with - I saw in M&S last week oil cloth shopping spotty bags for 10 squid in pretty pink and green - just like CK's book bags and if I can be soo bold...a bit nicer!!

The cheap oil cloth buy inspired me!

Going to rack my brains now (well the one that I have) for more bargins....

Nighty night!!
Love Sam and a Sleepy Sue xxx

Help Bloggers

I accidently clicked in the top left and flagged my blog - what do I do??

I havent written anything nasty!!!

Really worried!!

sam xxxx

PS thanks for your messages and silly me forget to list one of the most important things
I love....


Lots of love to you xxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bargin Oil Cloth - had to share!

I really love oilcloth - but how expensive is it???
I know I know - its really practical - and lovely but it was going to cost
me £26 squid at least to cover my dining/blogging table...until today!!

£5.70 a meter in a shop called Kitchens in Bath - its a lovely duck eggish blue!

I was well chuffed!!

So I thought I would be brave and show a pic of my 1960s terrace that I'm trying my hardest to
turn into a Cath Kidston Homage...on the cheap!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Love Samxx

PS The bunting is my wedding bunting...made of CK fabric - not by me sadly!!

PPS And the sexy 1940's pinup painting you can just make out - was painted by Mr M ;0)

PPPS Nicky at Hollypops gave me an award - I have to list 7 things I like (I think!)

1 Mr M and The Sue
2 Thrift Shopping
3 Anything Spooky
4 Gin and Tonic
5 Twilight
6 Crochet
7 Painting!

xxxNight Night!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

And the winner is...

As picked by Mr M....

can you wait....



Can you email me your address?

Lots of love Sam

PS Silkie would have picked it but she is fast asleep!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Small Hangover (Thanks to Hugh Jackman) and a little GIVE A WAY!!

Well last night I had a few too many drinks at home whilst sat watching a rather nice film with Hugh Jackman, and I woke with a rather dizzy head...BUT I have had a lovely day non the less.

Had to be up early to take The Sue to the Vets to have her 6 month flee injection...bless her heart she doesn't like to go at all and gets very sweaty paws! Then me and Mr M went and met our lovely dear chums The Gurrs for a spot of lunch, and on the way home Mr M popped into Fopp and bought me a book that I have not been able to put down ALL afternoon.

Have any of you seen the film Twilight?

I thought It would be poop....but I was mistaken. Ooo I just can't stop thinking about it I just LOVED it! and how pleased I was went Mr M handed me the sequel to read called New Moon. Just Briliant.

I also popped into the local charity shops, and found something too pretty to leave behind, but something I don't want to keep.
Now I love crafting and sewing and as you know I REALLY love to crochet. It suits me well, its quick and grows quickly and because I work full time its some thing that I can do on a lunch hour really easily. Embroidery is something else, whilst I appreciate it, I don't think I have the time or patience to tackle it but I know some of you will do..

So its just a mini give a away , 2 slightly started bits - one is a little doily thingy and the other is for a cushion, there are the instructions and some threads too.

If you would like it (I hope someone does because they are really pretty!) Please leave me a message by Tuesday night 9pm and Silkie will pick a name from the hat!

Happy Saturday

Lots of Love S&S

PPS Had to show a pix of my bag again - I love that bag!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I have been very bad....... Edit (A Message for Mel Mel!)

Oh Dear.

I really do lead a thrifty life honestly. My main spending goes on in the local charity shops, I buy second hand clothes, and bits and bobs for the house, and make things alot even if they are a bit bodgy! So the thing is that I did like the M&S bag...but I didn't really love it and I really wanted too. So something came over me yesterday..l was a woman posessed. I took that bag back and where do you think I ended up.

Cath Kidston

As cool as a cucumber I marched in there, picked THE saddle bag up and bought it. Just like that.

It felt REALLY good.

No more treats, visits to the charity shops for me this month, pack lunch every day, but I'm going to keep that bag of mine...

Thats bag love for you!!

Lots of Love a very bad Sam xx

PS I'm going to THE COUNTRY LIVING fair in London with work tomorrow!!


PPS I will post some more interested pictures asap, as Mr M got my camera working properly and I have my Devon Pix!!


oo before I forget, this is a little message for Mel Mel! I would love to visit your blog again, and I wondered if I could invite myself over - if that was ok? You always leave me such lovely messages xxx

Monday, 9 March 2009

Hello Ladies...and Gentlemen

Well I had planned on posting lots of pix of my mini mini break in Devon, but as you know I had a camera accident so it will have to be crafty crocheting related today...!!

But before I go on, I must make an apology. It seems that I have a few gentlemen visitors to this blog, and I felt awful for not saying hello to them, and to make amends I feel I must post a lovely lady here for them too (Well we did have the rather yummy sawyer on the last post!)

So here is ....the lovely Doris Day...well she had to appear didn't she?

And I thought I would show you a picture of my crafting basket - this is where all my half finished projects live... including a granny blanket, granny squares, (granny monsters) and a half finished bedfellow toy...who is dying to go to his new home but the poor thing has no arms and legs!

So there we have it...glad to be home this Monday..not long until the evenings are lighter, and me and the Sue wish you a good night!! (Silkie sends email kisses to Tom xx)



Sunday, 8 March 2009


I'm a little peed off.

I went back to Devon to see my parents for a couple of days, to a place called Bideford. Took loads of lovely windswept pictures when we went for a walk, and to a lovely place called Appledore, walked out of the pub, knocked my arm into Mr M and dropped my camera....

The good news is that the camera still works, thank goodness...
The bad news is all my photos were lost and I have just found out...

So clumsy am I ?

Still at least Lost is on tonight, and apparently its a Sawyer Episode...and if you ladies don't know who he is I thought I would
post a cheeky picture of him...


Thursday, 5 March 2009

I've been bad...

I've been bad

Anyone who knows me knows I have a weekness....


Now I have gotton things under control now. I don't have many bags, and the 3 I have I love. I used to have a thing for Mulberry bags (THE most expensive bags) that I could only just about afford to buy second hand on ebay. Now I went to M&S today with my friend Cartwheel, who had a mission to buy a new bag. She is really good, and has used the same leather one (a lovely bag too) for 3 years.

Well what do you think I came out with....It was the spotty lining I couldn't help my self...But should I keep it? Do I REALLY need it? Could you give me some was £35.

And also, I thought you would like to see my Granny Square...its getting bigger!!!!

One more sleep til Friday!!

Lots of Love Sam xxxx

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Lost Toys..

Night Night from us....not lost and unloved any more...


PS my name is Fred Bear xx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
Cath Kidston is too Much