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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Vintage Toys Adoption Giveaway!

Well here is the 'little' gang...normally I keep everything, but as I am being really strict with myself about
hoarding things...I have decided to put these 4 friends up for adoption for free.

They do need a clean, possibly restuffing... a bit of darning - maybe a new nose or a jazzy ribbon.....

(They do not smell musty at all)

The panda has a crunchy texture, so does the bear next to her, I think she is made of sheep skin. The big old Ted is jointed and has lost all fur, and the rabbit feels like she has wood wool in her too.

I don't EVER give old toys away, but because these old friends will have to be wrapped up and put away when we 'fingers crossed' put the house up for sale, I would much prefer they go to live with someone, who can put them on an old chair, or bed so they can watch the world go by.

They have obviously been loved and lost by someone once, and I think they must be between 60-70 years old...

So all you have to do is leave me a message.....saying why you would like them

I will post worldwide, and will pull a name out in a week!!

Bye for now

Sam xx

PS...If you would like one particular toy I will try and figure that out too..just leave me a message :0)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Emma Bridgewater seconds here!!

Had to share this with you dear bloggers..

Goulds on Line

Quite a few half price 'seconds' free delivery if you spend £20!! 2 weeks left!

Bought a few bits today...going back for a second look!

Happy hump day!

Sam xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hello there Bloggers..and a possible giveaway...

How you all doing...

Well I have been struggling to write anything remotely interesting lately to be honest so forgive me for my wafflings :0)..

I have purchased my first and only Emma Bridgewater mug..I painted a picture for a friend and she gave me an amazon voucher..

I hate to admit it, but my coffee/tea tastes better!! does really!

I have also nearly dismantled my boxroom studio...all my bits and bobs are in plastic boxes as I have decided to turn it back into a bedroom, as we are hoping to put our house up for sale in the future.

We really want to be near some really good friends who live in Wiltshire, and live much more in the countryside, so bye bye desk.........bye bye craft room...

I am obsessed with old movies and movie stars...and have decided to collect biographies...I have already read Liz Taylor and Richard I'm on the hunt now for Doris Day's...(Apparently she lead quite an interesting life, and was a bit of a part animal!)

Now going back to my massive clear out I am thinking of doing a giveaway...I have too many old toys sadly. I never throw toys away, and if I see any looking sad and forlorn I always rescue them.

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in adopting a small group of old friends who have seen better days...

They do need restoring/washing/restuffing...and I think they are very before I formally advertise my giveaway..let me know what you think? 

I don't really have the room to display them at the moment, the only thing is, is that I would like them to go all together to a new home...There are 2 bears, a panda, and a rabbit... as they have always been together...

And if nobody wants them, I will keep them, so don't worry...

Let me know?

If I get any interest I will pop up a giveaway (I will post anywhere)...

Now bye for now bloggers!

Love Sam xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor

Very sad to just hear that Elizabeth Taylor has passed away...I have always been in love with her and Richard Burton. I hope they meet up again somewhere..
A favourite candid photo of them...I love Richard's giggly face..I wonder what they were laughing at?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thanks Bloggers!

Hey there..

How are you all this spring Thursday?

Firstly I wanted to say thankyou for the messages regarding my new obsession..Emma Bridgewater...

The above is what I would like my kitchen to look like!!  I wanted to give a mention to Sian...she left me a message about the brilliant Dunelm Mill, which sells lots of really cheap things for the home, then oops...look what my husband bought us..

Two of these really well priced 1930's chairs...yum! YOU MUST, check this WS out...really well priced homey things seriously! There is some especially lovely pottery that looks like old cornishware..

I was also told to check out Past Times too..(I always loved that shop)

Check this mug out...£ I love a bargin!

Little Teacup 2nd from the right, has arrived safe and sound in Russia..all of the above toys have all found nice new homes now, apart from Lucy the Fox, who has asked to stay with me...I couldn't say no!

Oh and something else came home with me too yesterday...thanks to my friend Ag for some vouchers, and a little pot of savings from my sewing escapades, I  saved up for this lovely bag ..

I think I have also got another little children's book to work on, and a couple of other possible projects in the pipeline, so I will have to keep you posted on what I am up I might have to get the ole sewing machine out again...If my colouring in projects come off, I might be a little house bound for a bit!!

So I'll be back again - hopefully over the weekend, with abit more waffle..

THANKYOU, for stopping by!!

Love Sam xx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Crush Mrs Bridgewater..

ooooo I have a new 'thing' I'm obsessing over..

and her name is Emma Bridgewater...

I blame my husbands best friends girlfriend...a while ago she told me she has spent rather alot of her hard earned pennies on EB pottery (she works very hard and deserves it I can assure you!) and she showed me her collection...and I have been quietly obsessed since.

But seriously Mrs expensive are your wears? The half pint mug above is about £18...yes it is beautiful...but come on!

So here is a little blogland I know you bloggers love a bargin! Has anyone stumbled across any cheaper lookalike versions on the highstreet anywhere...I don't expect to find handpainted birds on mugs..but anything similar to the spots and hearts..if you could let me know I would be really grateful.

I thought I could buy a couple of real EB bits and muddle them in with cheaper bits and bobs if you know what I mean!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Saturday

Love Sam xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Cat Portrait...

For a friend..

Happy Friday..Love Sam xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hey Bloggers..

Hows you today? To be honest I'm in a bit of a creative dry spell. I had a lovely few days back in my home town in Bideford, North Devon. (I would LOVE to live there) But now I'm back all my creative energies have gone poof. Although I busy in the day job, I love pottering and painting in my own time, but just lately it feels like I've been churning out so many things that I have run out of fuel! So maybe I will have to get the ole sewing machine out again at the weekend - or go for a MASSIVE walk. I also did the fatal thing of looking at other folks blogs...and thinking to myself, oh my goodness, how do they do all that...or how brilliant are they at painting?...I must point out that I don't feel down at all, just bored!
Anyway, I will post some nice pictures up of Devon for you to see...I do love it there :0)

Hope you are having a good week, hopefully I will be back soon, with some new creative energy!

love Sam xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

evening bloggers!!

Ooo where has the week gone?

To be absolutely honest I have been feeling a bit bored and restless at the moment. I feel as if I'm in a kinda groundhog, sleep, work sleep...with nothing much interesting going on!

But, enough of that...look can you spot Stanley - he has moved to Russia and looks as if he has lots of new chums!!

And the good news is that another bear I have made called Teacup is off to join him too!!

Teacup and Lucy the Fox

My Mr M, also bought me a genuine signed photo of one of my favourite actresses..

Do you recognise her?...

I will give you a clue..Halloween...
She sits on my desk for good luck!!

Any way dear bloggers - I'm off on my own to see my folks for a few I will be back next week!!

Take care!!

Love Samxx

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The Red Shoes
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