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Sunday, 31 January 2010

and granny makes 2...

well I'm loving crocheting again at the mo...oh and you know that my new obsession is Dallas! I'm gonna try to crochet as many as possible before I start my new secret project for Mr M...he has been working very hard lately...and has 'commissioned' me to make a little something for him..which I should hopefully in the next couple of weeks be able to show you herexx

( a little clue is it is furry and may woof...from time to timexx)

Happy Sunday xx

s xx
Ps I keep updating my illustration blog with more pictures...if you are interested xx

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Crochet and Dallas...

What can be better on a Saturday afternoon...I treated my self to the first 3 seasons of Dallas on DVD and I just LOVE watching them and It was only a matter of time before my trusty crochet hooks came out to play...

plus Miss Sue has given the 'pouffe' a try out... even though I was trying to sew the top on!

But Miss Sue can sit where she likes.. especially as she was poked with needles she has had a bit of a health check as she is an older pussy cat..and we want her to be fit and healthy for as long as possible...

I'm off to a bit of a do tonight...if any photos come out nice..I may be brave and post one!
Happy Saturday

Love Sam xx

Friday, 29 January 2010

Early start...

Morning 6.45am here at Silkies, and I have taken to watching vintage TV before work if I can squeeze it in. This week has been a bit of a slog...I think for me and my other work chums. Getting up going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark...But shows like 'The good life' and Dallas have been cheering me up these dark gloomy days!

And I'm trying to hide from Miss she has to go for a blood test this morning..and I think she has just realised that her breakfast is missing...But Mr M will give her some prawns today as soon as they are back. (A big thankyou to Mr M for taking Silkie to the Vets

Happy Friday !

s xx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh no!..Its MASSIVE!!!

There I was relaxing today..and what did I stumble across but Amy Butlers gum drop cushion...well I want one of them I thought...and I'm sure there must be a free pattern somewhere...

and I found one..which was good...if a little like a GCSE maths question..

But I fathomed it out...quick must get it made..

Get it cut out ...quick quick...don't snap at husband..(I'm creating you know...I snapped!)

Even Sue wondered what all the fuss was about...

In my wisdom and as usual slightly supernatural speed...I made what I can only a life was HUGE...
MASSIVE!...I was FUMING with my what did I do pull it all apart and cut it properly....

and here it is...PHEW...never again will I rush to make something....
I'm off to have a large glass of wine...;0)

Nighty night....

s xx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Would you like to spend Saturday with me?

Here we go then...

Cup of coffee to wake up!

Get shopping bag ready..

Thrift shopping on the high street...

Yuck the car needs a clean!

Only bought one thing spotty scarf (very similar to CK from Peacocks...6 pounds!)

Lets watch some Dallas!

Cup of coffee with the Sue!

and a little rest in the 'snug' aka my box room...

ummm time for t..fancy a curry?

Happy saturday!

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

This is ACTUALLY where I am at the moment..

Yes Miss Sue has decided to have a sleep on the back of my legs in front of the fire...trouble is now I can't move and my legs are numb!

Still heres to a nice cozy bloggy weekend, cause I'm pooped!

Nighty Night

Sam xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Just a quickie...

As promised a picture of me and mr m...up a tree (well sort of!) at Zooropa in Bristol Zoo..(To be avoided if you hate heights like me!)

and the lovely bag my dear friend Julia bought cute!

Current fav bag at the mo...
Sorry nothing very exciting to report at the moment..just busy working and rushing about!

Happy hump day xx

PS...have you received the new Cath Kidston Catalogue...I have!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

I forgot my camera...

Stupid me left my camera at 'school'...other wise I would have shown you the lovely straw bag my friend Julia gave me for my birthday...and I would have shown you a photograph of me on a harness up an scary rope assault course in Bristol Zoo...(I don't do hights)

But have been busy gradually loading pictures onto my new blog (See the link at the side) ..which is really just a free on line if you are interested in the pictures I paint for my 'day' job you can see them there...(it will seem like I never update it as I keep adding the pictures on the first posting , just to make the layout nice and simple)

Thankyou for stopping by and leaving me such lovely messages...
Happy Monday
Love Sam and a very warm Miss Sue who is on my lap! xx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Things to do....(and a brand new Blog!)

  • Order some mohair fabric...may have a go at making something cat related :0)...done..
  • Load images on new blog....(that will be coming soon!)
  • Watch Somethings gotta give....doing that right now...:0)
  • Try and relax...nah ....thats not me!
Happy Saturday!
Love Sam x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A typical day.....

Would you like to spend the day with me...?

Alarm look some washing up..

Grab my bag...(I carry too much stuff!) Out the door by 8..

RUN into Sainsburys..quick only 10 mins got to get to work by 8.50....

Lets get cracking got to paint some pictures....

1pm...dinner time...Run into to be back for 2pm

Carry on painting....hometime to pick Mr M up 5.45pm....
Home by 6.45...get a bath...get supper cooking...

Wake up Miss Sue..(Love my cat !)

Scoff food....get Sewing Machine out 8.45pm

do some sewing......

Nah don't think so ...not tonight....

Off again tomorrow...wanna come?

Sam xx

Monday, 11 January 2010

Things in the pipeline..

There might not be much 'crafting' here at Silkiesue's for a bit, as I have had an idea to do some more paintings for myself. Mondays are always a funny day for me, and January isn't the most inspiring of I have decided to get motivated.
Although I paint and design in my 'day job', its mainly for Greeting Cards and Stationary...and I fancy having a go at other things. Most of my work is fairly traditional, but I think I may try some new things...which I will show you (If they come out ok!) here at Silkies Blog..

You never know it may get a bit 'funky' round here :0)

Happy Monday!
Love Sam x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Granny Chic, rather that Shabby Chic!

Well Saturday is always the day for me to visit the local Charity Shops, which are rather good from time to time here in Keynsham.  I only purchased one thing yesterday, some rather battered funny little shelves, that could have probably done with a rub down and lick of paint, but due to my impatient personality I decided to stick bits of cut out vintage photocopies of wallpaper round the top and on the back for my desk.

I do worry sometimes that I'm a bit of a 'Rag and Bone' lady collecting bits of tat and rubbish...(I found a bag of stamps that I framed too)...

But you can find some nice CK bits about my house too...Can't wait to see the new Spring Goodies, ( I am going to try to be good...)

Happy Sunday Bloggers

Sam xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Creative Spaces...

Its really important to me that when I'm working I'm surrounded by things I like, pictures that inspire me, infact I just love 'stuff' about me! The picture below has been my favourite place to paint at when I'm at home..probably because up until recently the Christmas Tree was here and I didn't want to sit anywhere else..

But my sad little box room has been ignored of late.. so I have decided to decamp upstairs again when I'm up to 'stuff', as although its the size of a cupboard, its actually a cozy spot..

a little space where I can have as much crochet little lost toys around me...

and I can occasionally nosey outside...(I have the best lookout spot to the outside from my Miss Silkiesue likes to sit on her lookout post..the brown drawers, so between us we miss nothing!)

Yes I admit it...I'm a curtain twitcher!!

Bye for now

Monday, 4 January 2010

Whats on your list?

My list is a bit empty at the I am with a fresh new lovely Red Filofax..that I have promised myself to use religiously...and nope...theres nothing in it.

I have all these books with things and projects to make, but nope nothing is coming to mind...

What to do what to do?
  • Needle Felting
  • More Crochet..(Although I think I'm pushing my luck with any more crochet bout the house!)
  • More painting ... I really want to paint some big sploshy pictures to try and sell as prints
  • Read ALL of the Twilight books
  • Work on some ideas for Childrens book illustrations with Mr M...
  • Mmmm loll about a bit more.. whilst trying not to feel too guilty as I do work full time...
  • Learn to cook and enjoy cooking.... ummmmm Nope strike that off the and the kitchen just don't get along ...;0)
I will keep you posted when I do get more inspired, I would love to hear what you are up to !!!

Sam xx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some Christmas pictures...

I have really gotten into the swing of being at home and well, just acting like a cat myself...lolling about eating random things when I fancy...normally of the pickled variety, oh you know what its like...just one more pickled onion as I pass the fridge...I think I might Pop!

But I did manage to go on a few walks whilst visiting the folks over Christmas...I always seem to do the same walk every boxing day to a place called Westward Ho! on the North Devon Coast, and on that walk is an old dark house, that I would give anything to have a peek into...

Trouble is I don't think the owners like visitors...

I did hear a couple of ladies talking about the house...

Apparently one lady lives inside all alone, it used to be a beautiful hotel but she now living with....(she really said this) 101 cats!

No wonder I'm drawn to it...:0)

Sam x

PS. Just a little thankyou for the sweet messages on my last post too, to you dear bloggers...

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mum...I've found Dad's sprout!...

thats what I discovered whilst helping my mum clean up after Christmas... (During our festivities my Dad flicked a sprout off his plate...and well we forgot to look for it after!) but don't you find you want to have a good clean around after you have tidied away all the decorations?

I have had my own frenzy of cleaning the house (Its NEVER clean enough for me, the sunlight pours in here, and I can never get rid of all the dust!) and I also have had a little clean about on this blog too, after receiving the Blogging for Bliss book about 'dos and don'ts'  ...then I started to have a blog panic attack...

Do I waffle about Silkie Sue too much?

Are my photos pretty enough?

Is my house/life interesting enough?

Blimey how neurotic am I?

I'm all for a bit of Blogging rebellion...who wants to join in? :0)

Love Crazy Sam xx

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The Red Shoes
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