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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lost Mojo and a Dustbuster..

Well I'm back again...I have to apologize as I don't really have any interesting news or photos....I haven't been sleeping brilliantly for the last few nights (horrible nightmare about werewolves) and just waking up at 3am wide awake!!

But I did buy a lovely vintage wrapping paper of the New York subway, which I framed.

I'm also obsessed with finding a new bag, and I quite like the idea of a vintage school satchel and I bought myself (as sad as it might sound) a dustbuster! Wow its amazing sucking up dust bunnies and cat litter...brilliant!

And I have ordered some more mohair fabric, nuts and bolts, and stuffing...for a little animal connected to Red Riding I can have some fun sewing at the weekend, and I'm thinking of advertising little 'Teacup' 10 inch sized jointed bears and other animals for £45.00 + postage on my other blog..

Now come on Sam...find that Mojo of yours in time for Easter x

Bye for now!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A bit bored and lazy... I think I have run out of steam!
I wish I had some pretty pictures of my home, life, garden to show you, sadly not...the reality is that its not all homes and gardens and cath kidston round here at Chateaux Mcphillips! My garden although small could do with a bit of a revamp, I'm constantly battling dust bunnies in the house, I don't enjoy cooking at all..(sorry Husband) so no nice pictures of cakes and biscuits here!

I love to paint and make toys, but painting is the day job, and I'm not really sure where I am going with the toy making! I would love to be able to sell a few bits...and I have noticed that some toy makers sell on ebay (I was quite surprised!) so I may look into that one. I think the easter break has come round at just the right time, so perhaps next week I will crack on with some new projects and maybe list a couple of toys to sell.

Thank goodness here in the UK the clocks have moved on an hour, cause that really can help with energy levels !

But as for now, I'm off for a snooze and a think, happy sunday!

Sam xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

No time for sewing...

Well I have been running a bit low on energy these last couple of days with my sewing projects, as I have been thinking about more illustration ideas, and as I work full time, sitting in front of a sewing machine at 8pm has been a bit of a struggle this week!

My eyes are tired, but I still look about all the time for ideas and inspiration..

'Mood boards' are a bit of a posh word for my inspiration boards are just giant pinboards..

Covered with pictures I have painted and patterns and colours I like..

I rush about, using my time as best as I can..I just wish I had a few more hours of energy! I want to make some more 'teacup bears' too and some more animals..

But my eyes have had it today...

Happy Thursday, and nighty night!!

Sam xx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A little helper..

Yes I had a little 'assistant' today at work, as I need a model for some drawings and paintings I want to do about the 'lost toys'

Teacup soon got into the swing of things, and had a number of compliments whilst posing!

But being a model is tiring business for one so small, so teacup climbed into bed for an early night..

He really isn't impressed by the light evenings as you can tell, but isn't it lovely? Don't get me wrong, I really do prefer the autumn, and I'm not that into the summer, but it does help your energy levels when you get home at nearly 7pm some nights, and its still light! The light mornings are unfortunately waking up our 'furry 4 legged' alarm clock at 5am at the moment.

I'm sure sometimes Miss Sue thinks she is a cow sometimes...


Not the best noise so early in the day !

Happy tuesday dear bloggers

love Sam xx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

a bear called Teacup (and a New Blog.. Sunday update!)

Well here he is...Teacup is little and sweet (hence his name!)

Hes quite a sociable little thing...and has enjoyed meeting real life 'old'bears..

Teacup is also a bit of a bookworm, and his favorite story at the moment is The Magic Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton

and even though he is the smallest...hes the only one that can stand up...all by himself!

And hes not having it at all, that he is a distant relative of a scotty dog...:0) Just a few tweeks here and there to his 'pattern'

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday dear Bloggers!!

Love from Sam xx

Ps ....(just so you can picture the scene...Mr M is playing 'Aliens v Predator on the x box' Miss Silkiesue is stuffing her face with prawns...and I'm here thinking about having a Saturday night tipple....)

See ya later xx

Sunday update!

I have been working since 6am (Thanks to Miss LOUD meow Silkiesue) on a new toy blog and I have added a new link.....

Hope you like it!


Friday, 19 March 2010

I got some labels !

Look what I go off ebay....80 ish little embroidered labels...(Even as keen as I am at sewing...I don't think I will need all these!) I have started working on another little friend

But as you can see I'm a little stuck at the moment...(Don't get too comfy Miss Sue, our Curry is in the Oven..!)

I will be back over the weekend...

Happy Friday!

Love Sam and Miss Silkiesue xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Miss Lucy Fox-Brown

I would like to introduce you to Miss Lucy-Fox Brown...she is a new member of the 'Gingerwine' vintage toy gang! She feels the cold (just like me !) so has a little grey scarf to keep her warm.

Lucy is mainly a bear...and blames her 'fox ears' on a distance relative..

She also has a felt waistcoat with one of Hamish's spare coat buttons...she figured that he wouldn't want it, or miss it at the moment (Seeing as he is doing a spot of business in London) and an old fob watch as a necklace, that has no hands but is pretty and apparently rather fashionable...

Lucy Fox -Brown also rather likes the sunshine, as do my other toys...and prefers to be called by her 'full' name...

But they will all have to stay in for the evening now...
and get tucked in cozy for the night...

My gang are here to help me work on some 'characters' for illustrations..which I will show you as soon as I have painted something (If I'm brave enough!) and maybe one day I may set up a little bear/painting shop...:0)...

Lucy is made, just like the others, from my original Hamish pattern..but with the aid of a trusty photocopier I change the dimensions just a bit to make each character a bit different. She is made from a ginger mohair, practically the same colour as my hair, and is fully jointed and stuffed the old fashioned way (thanks mum for my vintage teddy book !)

Happy Tuesday !
Love Sam xx

PS...theres a mini bear coming next!!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Look who I met on a walk in Sunny Devon...

Hi there Stanley...nice to see you in a better mood since I gave you a mouth and a new scarf..(:0)...oh you want to come for a walk too..

Through a wood...

to one of my favorite places in Bideford...I'm sure Miss Marple lives here..

Oh hello Moses... the resident donkey...

Off up the look at the spooky ship wrecks...not too close to the edge!!

finally arriving in Appledore...look this little house is called 'The Dolls House'

keep going along the beach...look there are the haunted, ruined houses...very odd the gardens are immaculate.. wait a minute...who is this...

How do you do...your name is Sue....yes I do like your moss stitch scarf very much...oh and I'm sorry I thought you were a panda...oh I are a forgive me..

Oh yes Stanley I will shake your paw too...

I really don't blame you two sitting in the sunshine....but you'd like to come home with me?

I think that can be arranged.....
Happy Sunday Bloggers from me and my furry companions xx

Sam xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mini Break

well my bags are packed.. Yes furry friends too...

A few new little friends are coming to life..

I have always been inspired by Jane Hissey's stories and especially her beautiful illustrations..and I am really enjoying not just painting but making toys too...

So my 'projects' are coming away with me..
I have just got a couple of days off work and I'm shattered really...luckily I'm heading home to see my Ma and Pa in Bideford, North Devon..

You may wonder why I'm taking all my sewing projects with me, well its because I find it really hard to just sit still in the evenings and I have to fiddle about with something! I must admit now that my eyes are failing me, so I shall sign off...

I will see you Sunday xx

Have a lovely week

Sam xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Two Lucy's...

As things have been getting a bit 'furry' back at the gingerwine homestead, I completely forgot to show you some pictures I have recently painted for 2 bloggers...of 2 different Lucy's..

Lyn is Lucy the Pussy Cats Mum, and Jayne
is Lucy the Springers Mum, I just love animals...and can't get enough of them, and recently myself and my other 'artbot' friends held a little exhibition for the Bath Cats and Dogs home and raised £300.00, so thankyou Ag, Carolyn, Mr M, and Mr Parr xx

See you later!

Love Sam xx

Monday, 8 March 2010

One sad little William..

Yes what a bad person I am...dear William still has no tail and I think it may be causing him some distress..

Luckily Stanley is on hand...hes in a rather good mood, as I recently emailed the Cath Kidston letters page about him, and hes hoping that maybe, just maybe someone will email back....(Don't tell him I'm not that confident!)
I have also started work on some other 'creations' and their 'bits and bobs' are residing in a wicker basket, as to be honest I could do with a few more hours in the day!

What Stanley doesn't realize is that I may take my scissors to him, to 'weather' him a bit more, I always get a little nervous doing that! But I do have something nice to look forward too this week as I have a couple of days off, so I can visit my parents in Devon..(while Mr M stays home as he is too busy working). So I'm going to take some of my projects home with I rather like crafting with Ma and Pa..normally with a rather large Gin and Tonic! And if I feel brave, I may look into setting up a little etsy shop...mmmm still a bit nervous bout that one!

Hope you are all well this cold evening here in the UK!!

Love from Sam xx

PS THANKYOU so much again for your encouraging comments xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A little boy Rabbit called William...

After much cutting and sewing.. a little shy Rabbit...a close friend of Hamish has come to stay..

whos rather partial to a carrot or two..

even though they are almost as big as him..hes not letting them out of his sight..

especially as he is missing his cotton tail...

promise I will fix that William..xx

and as for WIlliam, he has decided to retire with a book..

Thats some very good reading material for round here William ...

Sam xx

PS..don't tell William, but he is made from a version of my 'Hamish' pattern...german dusky grey mohair, hes smaller, fully jointed with cotterpins, and weighted the old fashioned way so his tummy has a nice 'sag'...or maybe thats all the carrots...

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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