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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quint and Mr Hooper

Howdy Bloggers!

Sorry I just haven't been able to blog much at all this week...its been very work all day and into the evenings too...very tired eyes!!

Just had to show you some pix of my friends Kittons..Quint and Mr Hooper..

They are apparently excellent Shark catchers..

They can find a shark for £3, but can catch and kill one for £10...

Now I think thats a bargin..

I don't think Sharks frequent canals though do you bloggers?

Nighty night...

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Love Faye Dunaway..

Wowzers...(Is that a word?) I have always thought Faye Dunaway was stunning.  I can remember first really watching her in Supergirl The Movie Years ago..One of my favorite films is The Towering Inferno...(I have a bit of a soft spot for 1970's disaster movies..) Also watched her in Thomas Crown Affair recently...check out the kissing scene with Steve McQueen...its pretty steamy stuff..and it goes on and on and on.......
I read somewhere that she is quite tough to work with..but who knows..
another great film she is in is Eyes of Laura should check that out too..
I'll be back soon...mmm what film star shall be next?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Stars of the Silver Screen

Theres nothing I like more than watching old movies..especially on a dark cold rainy evening.
One movie actress I love is Deborah Kerr..did you know she was really good friends with Yule Brynner..the bald headed actor from the King and I.

They had chemistry thats for sure..check out a movie called The can watch it on You Tube..he loved photography too, and took his camera on lots of movie sets with him!

More old movie facts and portraits coming soon!

Sam xx

Film Icons

Today, I actually forgot that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away...I actually thought, oh I'll just google her to see how she was.. ..
I love the old movies stars, at least they are forever young and beautiful on the silver screen..
And don't get me going on Montgomery Clift...if like me you love old movies I absolutely urge you to seek out any film this man is in...I wouldn't use the word beautiful to describe a man normally...but he was ...
I read that Liz was in love with him, infact alot of his leading ladies fell under his spell....just watch him in something as you will see what I mean ..
I can feel a few more vintage celebrity portraits coming on !
Happy Wednesday dear Bloggers!
Love Sam xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ghost Hunting in Devizes!

Hey Bloggers..

Here in Crop Circle capital, things are feeling a little ...dare I say it favourite time of the year...not just because Halloween is creeping closer! (A little illustration of mine above...based on me and Silkie!)

I had a cool night on Saturday..we went to the local cinema..which is an old fashioned cinema, with peeling paint and old art deco watch Harry Potter..( Still have massive crush on Gary Oldman)

We then went to a pub just about next door..called the Black Swan, which has been featured on lots of ghost hunting you can imagine I was a tiny bit excited!

We got chatting to a very nice lady called Fran, working behind the bar, who very kindly offered to take us to the cellar, which is where lots of things have supposed to happened.

(The above image is care of google image search as I didn't have my camera) We actually went down stairs on a new staircase behind the door you can just about make out to the left)..It was massive, kind of like vaulted caves..apparently there are tunnels all linking to the castle in the town centre..

This is another pic of the of google..

I loved it in there immediately, so I'm looking forward to going back again, with my digi camera to see if I can get any ghost photos... apparently in the autumn, you can stay in the really haunted bedroom...Room 4 and have a 3 course meal for quite a good price... if you are brave enough!!

Mmmm I'm tempted....!!

Looking forward to visiting The Black Swan again!

Nighty night bloggers..sweet dreams!!

Love Sam..and a slightly huffy Miss Sue, who just nearly had a scrap with another cat much bigger..she just doesn't like to share!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Teeny Tiny peek


what a week, between me and you dear bloggers I'm pooped..and my poor husband is even more tired..took him almost 2 hours tonight to cut the grass...seriously how much grass!!

I'm itching to show some pictures of the new homestead, but haven't had time to take any decent pixs..but heres a little one..

Hopefully the sun might shine a bit - and I will take a few more over the weekend..

I'm going to log the landscaping of our new garden..(sorry that sounded a tad effected!)
Basically it will consist of me bunging a few plants in the ground, but I will try and 'country living' it up for you a bit!

So if any of you can recommend any favourite plants...climbers, bulbs, well anything really, as I don't have much of a clue..that would be great!

Plus the sewing machine will be coming out hopefully...I've a bear to make!

Happy Thursday Bloggers!!

Love Sam xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

coooo eeee - back again!

Hey dear Bloggers!!
Hows you?

I have only just got internet back...out here in the depths of Wiltshire, Internet is a strange and foreign radios and mobile phones..(We get a radio signal every once in a while!) probably because we are living in the British equivalent of Area 51..

Yep...we moved to Crop Circle Country...they are popping up all around us....

We live on the outskirts of Devizes and it takes about 7 minutes by car to reach the beautiful village of Avebury...

ooooerr...look another one of them there crop circles...

There are also quite a few of these lovely things to spot too..

We can just about see a leg from our house...and it was lovely last night, as even though we had been at work all day, we still managed to go for a bike ride in the country side along the canal, where I could see a chalk horse.

Its mad, I haven't been able to go for a bike ride after 'school' since I was 10 years old...seriously.  We lived in a suburb of Bristol until recently, we were on a hill, and there wasn't really any where to cycle too, unless we cycled for ages...

Don't ya just love the countryside? I do, all I miss now is the sea, but you can't have every thing..can you?

Bye for tonight lovely Bloggy Chums...

Sam and Miss Sue xx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Back again..

Hey Bloggers, just a little random post..we have moved, the house is more or less sorted out, apart from the garden, and Miss Sue, adjusted brilliantly...
I will be back with bear making, and photos shortly!
I will leave you with a little pic of a superhero, beloved to a close friend of mine, who along with his lovely lady helped us out last big thankyou to M and H...xx
Love Sam xx

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes
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